Accidently bought "Echo-Pack" and EA-Support can't help. 15k crystals lost

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Hi Guys,

I'm very frustrated. A couple of days ago I was opening my Bronzium-Packs as usual. As you guys know it's a long process so I don't always look on my screen. I was shocked when I saw that I just spent all of my 15k crystals on the "Echo-Pack". When I told my guild they said that it probably is an issue with the pushed offers. I also got told that others had the problem and got refunded by the support. However I wasn't lucky. 10 tickets later and always the same outcome.
I don't know if people from other countries get redirected to another support when using the ingame "help" icon but I just get redirected to the main ea-help website.

Does any of you have an idea what I could do now?

If a dev reads this and wants to have a look into my account, my ally code is: 131-622-331


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    Please open a ticket with EA Help, through the in game help button and then message CG_SBCrumb or CG_Doja_Fett with that ticket number. They may be able to help it get directed to the correct people.
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