Best 4th and 5th sith or empire

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I am still relatively new to the game and I am focusing on a sith Empire team, I'm definitely going to use vader palp and thrawn but I can't make up my mind on a 4th and 5th. Right now I got death trooper max shards and gear 7 or 8 as well as darth N and dooku. There all OK but I want to work on the best 2 characters for this group. ((( FYI Im working on DR so him and Malak are a ways away ))) I also fought a savage oppress that was insanely hard to kill so I'm leaning that way if I can figure out how he did it. Thanks for any advice!


  • Makaidos
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    A Sith/Empire team? Because Sith Empire is DR's faction. Cant have a Sith Empire team without DR.
  • Ultra
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    I would suggest go for a pretaunting tank as one of the remaining two, such as Sith Empire Trooper or Shoretrooper

    I think SET is the better toon if you plan on investing more towards the Sith faction, as he keeps regaining his taunt when Sith allies fall below 50% health, but not when an empire toon does

    I would suggest going for Bastila Shan (Fallen) as your fifth, since she plugs well with EP or Vader lead too, and other combinations since you are already set on chasing DR
  • Sorry my question was confusing that's my fault. I was saying I don't have DR or Malak yet And I'm still a ways away from getting them. It wasn't really to say I'm working towards that it was more saying that is not an option right now So just to clarify I am building a team with vader or palp lead with thrawn and I'm looking for the best 4th and 5th. Also thank you ultra I will try that
  • Kyno
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    For an empire lead team, you should look at some of the imperial trooper faction to add in while building up, they are a useful team through out much of the game and carry the empire tag.
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    Piet and Gideon would be great addition, Piet giving big bonuses for Vader in MM, gideon having great TM manipulation, then later you can build IT team with which you can easily beat 2 of 6 assault battles.
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