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For the past 3hrs now since after I did the forced update, I haven't been able to log in the game which caused me to miss my Arena and fleet payouts on top of the fact that I didn't even get my 600 done. Chewy shards don't make up for this


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    Not an official solution, but this worked for others:
    If it freezes at the title screen
    - Clear your cache
    - If that doesn't work, wait on title screen for 10-20 minutes without the screen going to sleep
    - If that doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall the game. Then wait 10-20 minutes on title screen.

  • Zaph0dd
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    Mine just locked up on the Lucasfilm loading screen, I eventually uninstalled it and reinstalled, its working again, still crashed after playing a while though (its a memory leak that needs fixing)
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