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I tried to get a account but cannot get my player ID to work. I am currently level 80 and would like some direction.

  • Fives G9
  • Echo G10
  • Clone Sgt G9
  • Rex G10
  • ARC trooper G8
  • Ahsoka G8
  • Boba G8
  • Ordo G7
  • Sabine G8
  • Luminara G8
  • Scarif Rebel Pathfinder G8 lvl 68
  • Jedi Consular 4* G7 lvl 68 ship 4* lvl 69

Ahsoka's Eta-2

  • Bo-Katan G8 3*
  • Jango G7 4*
  • Mando G7 5*
  • JKA G5 lvl 40 4*
  • Umbaran starfighter 5*
  • Clone Sgt's ARC 5*
  • BTL-B Y-Wing 2*
  • Anakin's Eta-2 lvl 15 3*
  • Rex's ARC 40/50
  • Slave I 46/80
  • HT 48/25

  • Geo Soldier
  • Ewok Scout, Ewok Elder
  • Cody, BB Echo, Hunter, Wrecker
  • Tech
  • IG-100
  • Snowtrooper, Magmatrooper, Moff Gideon, Dark Trooper
  • Jolee Bindo
  • Imp TIE, FO TIE
  • Geo soldier's Starfighter

I'm not overly keen on the mystic mob and prefer more soldierly types, so clones, Mando'ade, Sep droids, and maybe Imp troopers look to be the kinds of teams I'd have more fun with. Is there ever a point where I should pause new character farms to focus on gearing teams I already have? What priorities should I be adding in and in what order? GAS seems to be the way to head for clones and will require what Sep droids there are while I'm at it, and Kenobi seems to be the very long-term GL goal that'd fit in best with what I'd be focusing on, at least until they add in a GL that I'd actually be excited about, like maybe Jaster Mereel or something. Do I really need Geos, or can I bypass them with the GAS seppie team for Padme and HT for zeta mat challenge? Should I start buying Asajj Ventress shards from the squad arena store now instead of hoarding?(I seem to be doing okay with credits for now) If I do go for Geos, should I get Plo Koon first? After? Is he even that essential? Fleet store and guild store seem to be the main ones where I might need a priority list of what I should be buying. Should I get seps for Padme or ewoks for C-3PO first? Obviously it's going to take me a while to farm GK and unlock Shaak Ti and B1 nodes and even unlocking Bossk's node is about a month out. I just figure it'd be nice to have a long-term roadmap so I don't waste time ignoring something I should've started prioritizing sooner.


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    Player ID is the one under settings that is a bunch of different letters. You need to make sure you are typing the right thing and not lowercase L instead of capital i, etc.
  • Waqui
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    If you want to unlock GAS you will need a mix of separatists and republic characters. If you farm the required separatists you will then be able to unlock Padmé. Unlocking 3P0 requires a full team of ewok (you might as well start buying Logray shards from the guild shop). GK is won in heroic tank raids. Make sure that you join a guild that raids hAAT frequently (high level of activity and ticket generation).

    I would definitely go for Padmé first before 3P0 since when you unlock Padmé you can build an arena squad around her (Padmé, Ahsoka, JKA, GK + 1 (typically 3P0)).
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