iOS non-english "home" button crash bug [community/temporary/non-orthodox/unofficial] SOLUTION

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First of all, please forum moderators, don't move this thread to the "technical issues" or "bug reports" section. This is not a report, this is not a complaint against CG. This bug is already super-mega reported by now. The purpose of this thread is to help out the community to temporary solve a very annoying and big bug that is making the game unplayable for pretty much all non-english speakers iOS users.

For the past day, all this threads were moved to other sections. I think you did well, but when the users came out with a solution before CG can give us an official fix, it's really helpful to have this information in the most visited sections of the forum. So the idea is to keep this thread on General Discussion, because is the most viewed section of the forum and it's the best place to help out each other.

I didn't came out with this non-orthodox fix, so the credits are for other users.

The bug apparently happens when you hit "home" button in game. Or every time you switch back to the home screen, because that's when the game, after the last update, is trying to show us a one-time pop-up advertising about the new GL JMK. For some weird reason, the iOS devices with non-english languages configuration crashes right away. Making the game almost unplayable (I think we tend to press at least 10 times that "home" button in a very short session of play).

So how to solve this? Go to iOS device's Settings / General / Languages and change it to english. This change will take literally 2 seconds. Then, enter the game (which it should be in english now), and force this pop-up ad by doing something and pressing the "home" button. Now, the advertising should appear. And because this was programmed to show up only (but at least) one time, now you can switch the language back to your original configuration, re-enter the game and play normally.

This is a non-orthodox and temporary fix, that will help the non-english iOS users. I'm sure CG will give us an official fix for this, sooner or later. But because of the characteristics of this bug, the game is literally unplayable. So when the community founds a quick fix, showing how great it is as a community, we should definitely point that out and spread the word.

Thank you for the understanding and the support in keeping this in General Discussion. By doing this, you are helping us all.


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    The purpose of moving posts and asking things to be reported is to highlight the issue and get it resolved. Ant posta moved to the archive are still searchable and visible to those looking for a solution.

    Helping everyone is working towards a solution for everyone, not just those who come here.
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