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  • I love that we will get a new maul! Too bad he's a conquest character, since I'm no where near being ready for conquest. I also am pretty excited for Lord Vader. The GL update doesn't effect me since I'm not on that level to fight or have any GLs.
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    Frostiee wrote: »
    I have a very real concern that I'd like addressed. Will the GAS 501st buffs be active in the Confrontation. The event itself is already extremely rng-dependent and challenging. How are new players expected to beat this now?

    This is currently being looked at
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    With the latest Road Ahead, it seems CG is intent on making it impossible for non-GL squads to reliably battle GLs. I have a couple of non-GL squads* that I was looking forward to finishing their relics.

    Is there any point in doing that now? Or has the game moved to a point at which the only characters worth taking to relic are the ones you HAVE to take to relic to obtain a GL?

    *those squads include Nightsisters, droid Separatists, Bounty Hunters, etc. The only GL I have at this point is Jedi Master Luke, and I was looking to get Sith Eternal next.
  • I’ve literally spent over a grand on this game trying to keep up and ya know what I’m done. Why keep spending money on something repetitive the only fun game mode was gac and tw Tb is a choir conquest is repetitive I get punished for having r8s in my gac matchups some how me having 10 r8s is the equivalent for me to go against someone with 6 gls while I have 3 I NEEDED these counter teams to work for me to be able to compete competitively in gac and tw I’ve spent money on these character wat relic levels mod slices gas , thrawn jkl and then ur going to nerf them??? A YEAR AFTER GLS come out you guys do understand the counter teams ARE THE FUN IN THE GAME RIGHT ? like why? Gls vs gls is cool whatever but like what’s the point of me relicing other fun side teams in the game if it doesn’t even matter anymore ?
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    How do you expect to change the GAC Matchmaking? As someone with 2 GLs won't have any changes against someone with 3 GLs

    This was an area that we had specific concerns over and we will definitely be monitoring how this affects match ups in Grand Arena, encounters in Journey Guide events and everywhere else. I have put together a report of top concerns and questions from today's announcement for the team. Many of them are ones I or our testers have already raised.
    Zumwan wrote: »
    So, after reading all the comments here, I wonder if the Devs will ever read them or if they care about our opinion.
    Doja and I have read through every comment in this thread and many others. We have taken the constructive feedback to the team. I understand these changes feel frustrating but we are listening and we had many long conversations about how this impacts players before we decided on this plan.

    I think you guys may need a new plan…
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    I get the need to indirectly buff GLs. With that, TW absolutely needs a sophisticated matching system for Territory Wars. When GLs were introduced to the game, it made TW extremely difficult for guilds like mine, and here's why.

    The image shows a typical match for us. This was a fun event, the opposing guild set most of their GLs in the front row which rendered us practically useless. Meanwhile, they swept across our side of the board leaving everything in flames. Super fun!

    These experiences don't encourage players to "really" play the event and why would they. Players set squads on defense and then "~forget" to check back later during the attack phase because why.... the matching is rarely fair. As a result, we set a rule, if players join TW they play TW or they'll be removed from the guild. Now, they do the minimum to avoid removal.

    Guild leadership HATES running this event. Guilds like mine hardly stand a chance with the current matching so why push the issue with members. It has become a miserable experience for all.

    So by indirectly buffing GL's, it will make it even harder for guilds like mine to defeat a GL. That's ok but improve the matching-making system.

    I don't fully understand the match-making system. In my humble opinion, to bring the match-making system to where it needs to be it should consider:
    • GLs without question
    • Key characters that are not GLs like Darth Revan, Malak, General Luke Skywalker, etc...
    • "Accurate" Galactic Power players will be using in the event, maybe add an option to select the characters I will use for the event. Then only those characters join the event.

      Then after that is set, look at the characters opted in for:
    • Quality scores (mods and gear) see the second image
    • G11 to G13 characters
    • Relic'd characters
    • Zetas
    • 6E Mods
    • Speed and 100+ offense Mods

    Does anyone else have ideas about how to actually improve the match-making system?


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  • I really don’t know what to say other than I’m disappointed at the direction this game is going. Taking away non-GL counters to GLs is just wrong now it’s just GL vs GL how is that fun or engaging knowing I automatically lose. I was actually thinking about spending some money to get some stuff done but now I have good reason to stay free to play.
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    Kyno wrote: »

    But you dont think its jumping the shark to say you would gear tuskens over BB?

    4>1. 4>3, even if the other Tuskens are in the other groups.

    And that's not counting the gear discrepancy. TR's biggest gear reqs to G13 are two stun guns, a gold stun gun, and 100 Kyro.

    Hunter passes those reqs by G11.
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    I agree that if this is the direction the game is going to go, you have to alter the power levels for characters. Galactic Legends need to have such an immense power level that unless you have one there is almost no chance you could get matched up against someone with one. If you want this massive a gap in capability than it that gap needs to be reflected in Galactic power properly.
  • Holy kittens this is bad. Like, atrocious.
  • Rather than nerfing many great characters (GAS & WAT for my roster) that players and guilds have put a lot of work towards, why don't you just give the GLs some Huge boost when there is no other GL on the other side? Since the clear goal with this is to eliminate any chance you can beat a GL without a GL, wouldn't that be the easy solution? You just have to actually admit that you want the GLs unbeatable and everybody already knows that.
  • So I’m certainly concerned about the direction we are heading. I’d be lying if I said I was even neutral to the idea of all these changes and new characters being properly tested. This isn’t meant as a slam just a reality that the number of players far out number the testing team. It’s also likely that some players, certainly not me, probably understand the game better than the testers/devs. Therefore will see issues the dev/testing team didn’t and exploit them.

    I’m pretty baffled at the introduction of r9. Unless this relic level doesn’t require r4-8 mats, if it does then the gear crunch just is continuing to worsen. It wasn’t needed this soon either. R9 should have waited until at least q1 of 2022.
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    mostly FTP here (less than $150 lifetime) and just got my 1st GL (JML) and now my investment into JKLS isn't what it was...

    That's selling me a Load of Goods and pulling a fast one...

    Rethinking getting my GAS into gear XII and above.. The gear crunch is NOT HELPING!

    my Relic 3 Darth Vader and WAT are my top 3 squad in Conquest (even AFTER removing the most fun Data Disk in the game) and now even getting the T6 box in Conquest (my only SOURCE OF RELIC 8 MATERIALS AVAILABLE TO ME WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT) is seriously in question.

    will the Raid Bosses in Conquest be adjusted like these new changes and now if I don't have at least a couple of GLs, Sector 3 and up are verboten?!

    Dumpster fire on us FTP... not cool man.

    fix the gear economy..

  • @Falco3

    yep. I run JMLS in Arena constantly, and GAS + JKL are key there.

    It's very possible that they've nerfed JMLS vs. other GLs. I worry about it. As a result, offensive minded GLs like GLOWCAT and GLEE become even more important. We'll see how it works out.
  • I'll echo most of the critique previously mentioned.

    The video was okay. You both tried waaay too hard to be witty and funny. Don't.
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    Good, gooooood! Nerf those pesky Light Side blarks and buff my Dark Side!
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