Tier IV of the event (Ajunta pall). Misleading requirements.

Current requirements are just misleading, and it just makes me sad.
As we can see it clearly says that it requires at least 6* and IX gear to pass the even, and that equipment is even said as a RECOMMENDED, which implies that it even should be possible to pass the event by having a bit lower equipment.
I would love to see the dev team provide proof that the event is doable with the criteria that are shown there (and not old video when it was indeed possible).

For example, my team that you may find in the screenshots can not do that event, and I do not even take into account all other rants on Reddit/forums regarding that.


So my question is when it will be fixed or appropriate criteria will be written.


  • Vendi1983
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    I beat it with similar gear to yours. Still have Juhani at G7 nowadays as well.

    I had 10 on Carth, BSF, & HK. 7 on Juhani. 12 on Canderous.
  • You are even a bit overgeared for it. Try better mods.
  • Zanir
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    edited July 26
    I've got BSF G12, almost 300 speed on borrowed mods, have had RNG where AP goes 10 turns in a row before I get a single turn, by which time only BSF is left standing. What the hell.
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  • Zanir
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    Indeed. Devs recommend G9 for this tier. I've got good mods. My gear/mods aren't the problem.
  • 90MikeG
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    I got Darth Revan yesterday. Gear 10 BSF, Gear 10 Juhani, Gear 10 Carth, Gear 9 HK, and Gear 8 Canderous. If people struggling with T4, keep trying, make sure you have Omega abilities and fast and good mods. It will take a good few attempts, then there’s T5, kill all the droids EXCEPT 1, take the bigger droid (don’t remember it’s name) then the final droid. It took quite a few attempts, no zetas, you need omega abilities but honestly it’s possible. The mods need to be good though, fast mods.
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