Galactic War Troubles

I have been playing for not too long, and though starting off poorly, I’ve managed to get focused. I have been focused on the PS and have the almost complete. All 7 stars except Hera at 5 and Sabine at 2. Gear level 7 for the main group. Up until level 50, I was clearing the GW frequently with PS, after 50 it got extremely difficult... kept fighting and got to where I could defeat it every so often. At level 60, I stopped focusing on PS to work on fleet, and watching the guides, have been working on fleet since. 3 Geos, ITF, and VD are my main fleet. Working on ITBomber for the 6th. Anyway, my Geos aren’t strong enough to take over GW duties. My Empire team has been taking the load, but something switched again... leveled up to 69.. and suddenly, I had nothing to beat mode 6. Level 71 Vader, 3 Sion Lead, and Count Dooku high stars...

Anyway, long way around saying I can’t figure out why I can’t stay ahead of the curve... been trying not to bloat my roster with unfocused GP, but what was done before I got focused is what is done I guess...

I know I am
Growing out of Phoenix, as my Vader, Tarkin, EP, Thrawn, and Ezra outperform in Squad...


  • Get teams with strong health recovery. Also, Galactic War difficulty is based on your top five characters. Having two strong teams makes it much easier.
    - You don’t know everything. Deal with it.
  • So, basically, GW progress is halted for a while. Just promoted Chopper to 7 stars yesterday, so that’s what did it... my Vader is strong at 5 stars, and the. The 4 PS outside of Hera...

    Until I can get Either Geos/ Nute done in a few weeks to a month, or get EP/Thrawn at 7 stars...
  • Use your best team on the first node to get their turn meter loaded up with an easy fight. Also make sure all abilities are off cooldown.
    Use your second string team from then on until you get stuck. Then your first team comes in and with the extra tm and abilities ready to use for the win.

    If you retreat and redo the battle you don't lose anything. I noticed that the rng list resets and the exact same things will happen if you do all the same moves again. So the debuff will stick or be resisted, the crit will happen or not etc. But if you do something to use up an rng result differently, then the rest of the battle will play out differently.

    Let's say you are using Phoenix and you open with ezra doing his basic, and he gets the second attack. That's 5 rng results used up, 1 for if the first attack crits, one for the damage amount, one for if the second attack happens, one for crit, one for damage. Then your next attack is with kanan basic and his offense down gets resisted.

    If you quit and do the same thing the exact same result will happen. But if you instead open with Ezra's flip special you only use 2 rng results off the list, one for crit, one for damage, then kanan's attempt to apply his debuff will be different, because it is using a different rng result off the list. May not be the right rng to get that debuff to stick, but it might be. Gal war is the only place in the game where I noticed this persistent rng list being used by the game when you quit and retry a battle. This was a few years ago when I was using this to complete gal war, but I used it to get through most days.

    Quitting and trying different stuff with the same team can work.
  • I've been having good luck on my baby account with a jedi squad. The extra protection from Bastilla Shan's leader ability goes a very long way in keeping your squad alive.
  • I am working on the Bastilla Shan Jedi team, but it is slow. Almost have her to 4 stars.... rest higher but taking back seat to Fleet squad.
  • Well, tonight, I hit the Bad Batch 1st node. PS couldn’t touch them. Thought.. man, here we go. Switched to my Empire team, and with support, Vader took them all out. Losing only Old Ben. Walked through most of the nodes without much issue until node 11 with PS. Couldn’t break through with KRU in the lead... so backed out and through Empire again to weaken them. From there, PS took out the rest leaving KRU and losing only Chopper. Took them 10 minutes on auto to finally beat KRU. Wasn’t sure they’d be able to since he was healing as much as I was hitting... but they did it. Ended up beating the twelfth with 3 characters left. Ezra, Zeb, and Kenan. Guess it is a bit of the role of the dice.
  • Sadly that will be your GWar for a while.
    Once you get to L75, invest some Omegas into certain character basic abilities.
    Ezra & Zeb for Phoenix.
    Vader for Empire
    Omega's & Zeta's don't get included in the match making for G-War because it used an older form of measurement.

    So around L70 you start getting really bad matches as teams are L75 & include Omegas.

    The way you rotated teams is exactly how you should be doing it.
    Get them all TM loaded in the first few matches & then keep rotating them as needed on harder fights.

    Also don't be afraid to toss in a team of scrub L40's to soak up some enemy AE's or major debuffs/nukes/taunts that will die after a turn or 2 at most.
    You'll be amazed how much easier something like Nightsisters get when Talzin's Plague isn't up or Asajj's AE Dispel is down when you zone in your REAL team to fight them.
  • Thanks for the warning. I am about to hit level 70 within a day or two. If pace holds up. Thankfully, I had zeb and Poggle 7 stars a while ago. So, only thing I am hitting GW store for is my Geo ships.
  • Just stick with PS for now and keep gearing them (stop once you hit g8), and you can stop farming Sabine, she's not needed for now.

    For GW, it gets hard at 50 because you start encountering teams with more protection, plus you are just unlocking mods so don't have too many good ones now. Focus on completing the mod battles, and then the Mod Challenges up to tier 3 once you can. Once you have Mod Challenges tier 3 (even tier 2 for a while), use energy to farm those nodes to get more mods. You will see around level 55 that you start to improve again and it will be easy for awhile with PS, until prob around 75 and then you will hit more road blocks.

    Once you get your Bastilla Jedi team up, you can switch to them and they will be even better than PS because you will start with that full bonus protection every battle.

    Another tip that someone mentioned, was using the "retreat" function as liberally as possible. If you lose a character early on in the GW grind, just retreat and start again and try a different strategy.

    On my alt (level 81) I have like 41/50 full completions of GW, and right now it's hard to full clear with PS since I stopped them at g8. Once I get my full Geos up and running with GBA @ level 83, then GW should be a cake walk again.
  • Some days it seems easier than others. Right now, I have about 23/50 full completions.
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