Bought the HyperDrive bunder, need help knowing what to upgrade

So I bought the HyperDrive bundle last night after getting frustrated at my lack of progress once I hit 85. I really mismanaged farming the last 8 levels and I didn't want to wait another 2 months to try to correct it. For example I didn't have a single Zeta, Phoenix was my highest team at 1 g10, and 4 g9's. Empire second highest with 1 g9, and 4g8's. Only had 4 darkside ships at 5* because I just didn't know about Zeta Mats until 82. I have been playing for fun and not min maxing for progress, but now it's really biting me in rear.

I'm mainly looking for help around ships, as I don't know which I should focus on upgrading to be able to get 5 star Executrix, so I can start farming Zeta's from Fleet challenges. Also I'm not sure why they aren't as good as my other ships with similarly stated pilots. I'm also unsure which characters/squads to work on in the background for events and raids. I'm currently focusing on Darth Revan's Journey Guide into a Sith Empire team, as my Main team. I know it's ill advised to go after him first, compared to other legends, but he's been my goal since I started playing back in March or February. I'm currently thinking of going after CSL after my SE team is up, and start grinding the heroes for JKR, so I can hopefully start grinding Malak by the end of the year.


  • Step 1
    Stop investing in any capital ship but Tarkin for now.
    Of the 3 starting ships you will likely not use Endurance for much of anything so as long as you have LS fighters enough to eventually 7* it in challenge, then ignore it for a good while.
    Home-1 you can invest in but only after Tarkin is good enough to pass every level of his challenge for maxed Zeta mats.

    Step 2
    Stop investing in LS Fighters for now, focus all efforts on getting 5-7 DS Fighters as good as you can get them.

    Good News.... Very FEW of the DS Fighters are useless.
    Most are needed for something.
    You can avoid Sith Empire Bomber/Fighter & Maul.

    Who should you be investing in?
    KRU & Silencer (Same Node in Cantina)
    GEOS (Soldier/Spy Ships are in G-War Store - Sun Fac in Fleet w/ Sun Fac himself)
    CREWLESS SHIPS - Hyena Bomber, Vulture Fighter, & TIE Bomber are all in Hard Nodes max 5/day.
    Start farming ALL of the above as soon as possible.

    All of them will get used at some point.
    I've been playing for 28 months & I have to have minimum 4 fleets for GAC.
    5 is more realistic since you might need a back up.

    For you just focus on Tarkin & the above ships & when you have them going good, expand that list out with any/all of the following DS Ships to bring you to 2+ fleets.

    ALL 5 of the SEP Ships (3 Geos & 2 Droids)
    4 BH Ships (Bossk, Cad, Boba, IG88)
    Silencer, Kylo's Shuttle, FO TIE (Core 3 for FO)
    Vader's TIE, Imp TIE, TIE Bomber (Core 3 for Empire)

    Those 15 will eventually net you 3 DS fleets.
    In a 3rd wave of farming you can add the other 3 Empire or 4th FO ship to, but for now, the add ons can wait.
    I run Tarkin, Hux, & GG as DS commanders.
    Have Thrawn but the ship lacks Ability Mats so I don't use it.

    Once you've passed the Exec challenge you'll want to focus on LS ships but not till after you have Tarkin going strong with a core of Seps w/ KRU & some Empire or BH to flush out the fleet.

    You have 3 Geo's & 2 TIEs that drop in G-War store.
    See chart below.
    The only thing marginally more important in this store than DS Ships is Zeb for early Phoenix & Cad for early Scoundrel events & I think even that has been changed due to more "Free" scoundrels the game gives you now.


    So as long as you have Zeb done, just dump all 3 purchases into GEOs each day.

    The one suggestion I'd have for you is to save up a couple days worth first, so you have a nest egg.
    SUN FAC is the rare spawn of the Geo's & also the TANK so he's important to get but will be slow.
    You want to keep enough coins on hand that if he spawns 3-4 times in a row or even just twice alongside other Geos that you can grab them all.
    Which is why I would ignore any LS ships for now & even the TIE's unless you have those 2 pilots well geared already.
    The GEO ships have a lot of synergy & are nasty even under Tarkin instead of a proper Malevolence ship.

    Get them all up to 7* and toss in the KRU ship from Cantina & that gives you 6 ships even if the 3 "Crewless" ones take a good long while due to them being slow farms.
    Just means you'll be set for a full 7 ship fleet faster & can split them into 2 fleets eventually.

    Hope this helps, ask questions if you have any.

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