Another "I'm Back" post looking for help

I hope you guys have the energy to assist me too. I have been gone for about 2-3 years. I used to be P2P but am going to come back a lot more casual and be F2P.

What should I use for my Arena Team and my Ships.

Who to farm or gear up next?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks all.


  • If I was in your shoes, I find a guild getting near max stars on LS hoth, and I'd start saving get1 for hoda wampa and head toward JML.
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    JML is a worthy goal. In my mind, that's an awfully long road from where you are though. Aside from the GET1 toons, you'll also need Chewie, 3PO and JTR; not to mention JKL, ( though at least he shares several requirements with JML). You're not particularly close to being ready for JTR or 3PO and you're even farther away from Chewie. Add the units such as Mon Mothma, Chewpio and the Rebel Y-Wing that you need to farm from scratch, and that's a long haul.

    If you want to go for a Galactic Legend, I think you're significantly closer to SEE. Still a lot of work to do, but you're much close I feel. I think the grind for SEE would be about half as long as the grind for JML from where you are right now.
  • Holy cow! For SEE I need to level up 15 toons to gear 13, then get their relics just to get SEE?

    Is this worth it over gearing up a different squad and/or ships? Is SEE worth that much effort?
  • Everyone here is going to give you good advice, but what we can't know is what will make the game fun for you.

    For instance, you have some farming of shards to do to collect SLKR, but even though you're technically closer to SEE, the large number of relic mats you need to gain means the farming for SLKR toons won't slow you down. On top of that, the gains from SLKR (which include soloing the Heroic Sith raid) outpace the gains for finishing first in Arena every day.

    So from a pure power efficiency perspective, SLKR should be the first GL for everyone.

    But the point of playing a game is to have fun. Some people don't like the new movies (in which case maybe both SEE and SLKR are out) or maybe they just like playing LS heroes more than DS (in which case JKL is a great toon to pursue), etc.

    So really, the first question for you is, what is your goal?

    If your goal is finishing first in squad Arena, then SEE or Jedi Master Kenobi should be your very first goal.
    If it's general roster improvement, then Fleet Arena improvement followed quickly by SLKR to Rey (Jedi Training) to Jedi Knight Luke might be your goal.
    If it's preparing for Dark Side Territory Battles (which is actually a good goal for you, since you should want to get into a good guild, and for where you are they should be doing DS Geo TB) Then Grievous, Geos (esp Brood Alpha, but all of them), Nute, Dooku, Ventress + Separatist ships on the side would be the place to start.

    I'm not trying to confuse you, just saying that a lot of people are going to have a lot of good ideas, but they won't necessarily be the most fun for YOU.

    So tell us what you most like about the game, the game modes you most enjoy, the characters you most enjoy, and then the general good advice can become quickly focussed on advice that works best for you personally.

    Perhaps the easiest way to get some focus is this: when you decided to come back, what was it that made you think, "Yeah, let's start this account back up again." Whatever comes into your head first, just tell us, even if it sounds silly. (Some people do enjoy taking low power characters to absurd levels, like getting all the Tuskens to relic 7. If that's what makes you happy, just let us know & we'll help you get there.)
  • Thanks Seedy. That is a good way to think. I used to be hardcore, part of a top guild, daily play and spent money. Now I don't want to commit that much time. I will get daily about 80% of the time, participate in most events, but not enough that I would be considered HC.

    The reason I left was because the game was taking too much time. It distracted me from life. I came back because I enjoy it but now with the intent that I don't need to be #1 in arena or ships. So to that extent, what I enjoy is building up different teams to play different aspects of the game: territory war, guild events, unlocking new toons.

    Based on this, I think my route is GEO team and ships, get Padme, then go for one of the Revans and build a Jedi team. That should keep me busy for a while. I think while I do that, I will also slowly get Vader to gear 13 and relics. Just because I like Vader. I will buy some crystals so I can refresh energy a couple times a day to speed farming, but nothing like I was doing.
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