Star Wars Visions

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With the new trailer out, I am hoping that the devs will incorporate something to celebrate how awesome this show looks... new toons seem unlikely - but I wish!

Who else is feeling excited?!
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    Other than the two anime girls, the rest of the Jedi / Sith characters looked amazing and hope they are included in game
  • I hate anime so I hope they wont
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    I guess it depends on how successful it is. If it's a hit, we may get something. If it flops, well, look how many characters from the Resistance show are here...
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    papaofmom wrote: »
    I hate anime so I hope they wont

    I mean, the character designs look much better than the cartoons


    And I'm all for more characters that have red lightsabers (Sith?) that isn't the same character but from a different time period
  • The following is my personal take. Not studio official:

    I'm stoked for Visions! As far as incorporating characters, that would be interesting...particularly from an art standpoint. It'd be interesting to see those characters interpreted in the SWGoH art style and how they could be implemented.
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