Did I go up against a cheater, or am I missing something here?

Hi everyone,

I observed the following during my last GAC round:

It doesn't seem logical to achieve perfect scores in the above battles as both GL Rey and GL Luke have AOEs that would at least reduce the protection against the attacking teams, and the attacking teams have no method of protection recovery.

Also, look at their perfect fleet run with no damage to their fleet's protection whatsoever:

Did this person cheat to achieve perfect scores, or am I missing something here?

They scored 3155 in Div 2, just 3 points higher than I did (3152) to clinch a win.

Seems fishy.

Thanks for your advice.


  • Send evidence to @CG_LucifersDaddyMINI . Definitely seems to be cheating involved as no way any slkr will max banner a jml squad
  • Thanks @Mercury88 , I've already DM'ed Lucifer. Hopefully will get a response.

    The fleet looks fishy too doesn't it? No protection lost at all especially up against Sith Bomber and Tie Bomber.
  • It does look fishy, yes.
  • Day 34 since creating this post and messaging @CG_LucifersDaddyMINI, still no response.
  • This is blatant cheating

    Only nego is possible to win with full prot - this fight to win with 66 is possible.

    Malo without Plo/consular wont ever finish the battle with full protection. Not possible.

    Slkr will win in 3v3 vs jml probably. But not with this lineup probably and who ever plays slkr knows protection is gone and in 90% the case all of his allies are gone as well. Not possible.

    Jml vs Rey to win with full prot without Hermit/Shaak is not working at all. Not possible.

    3 fights which are simply won by hack. Player should be banned and you should get a compensation.
  • Any luck here? I saw elsewhere in forums that you're supposed to contact @CG_Leviathan for suspected cheating and remembered reading this post. Good luck!
  • I've been trying to report an obvious cheater for months and have never gotten a response. Good Luck!
  • Hi @CG_Leviathan , any chance you can look into this?

    It's been 55 days since I reported this case.

    I don't want to jump to accusations or verdicts, but it does feel like I'm getting robbed by this cheater and the devs aren't doing anything at all. And based on the feedback from the community, it's quite evident that I'm not the only one and cheaters are running rampant.
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