Arena Reformation

I’ve been finding it hard to climb into the top 20 lately. I do 2 refreshes per day, I don’t lose a single battle but often find myself sniped before my payout. I’m already in a shard chat, I start at around the 190-180 region and climb into the top 50 if I’m lucky. I have the teams to beat JMK but due to the limited amount of battles and the messed up shard with landmines and snipers it’s not possible.
I propose the following changes. Make it to where a person who never looses a battle or has a winning streak of 5 wins gets a free immediate battle or two.
There should be an allowance of 7 battles before refresh.
The more the increase in crystal refresh, give us more battles to compensate for the sniping (create an algorithm or something to solve this).
All in all, there are great players in my shard, even the eternal whales in the shard are cooperative. The snipers on the other hand make it a pain to enjoy this game.
How do others feel about it?


  • Zanir
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    Your shard must be pretty competitive if you have to climb to top 20 from 190. I only have SEE in a shard where top 20 is full of JMK/CAT, but I hit top 20 every day with the free 5 battles, and if things align, my shardmates are helpful and I jump into top 10, top 5, once every few days I get 1st at PO.

    What GLs you got?
  • Professionalspy
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    edited September 3
    I feel you, not all arena are friendly. I’m against a shard mafia myself. I hope CG can give some sort of immunity on the last hour of your payout, where only people with the same payout time can hit each other and battle for the top spot! This will be competitive without their mafia interfering!
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