matchmaking again...

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hello guys
I know that has been discussed so many times but after the nerfs, we were hoping that matchmakings would have been revised...
So i understood before the nerfs, that sometimes, you may win even if you encounter twice numbers of GL than you got if you had the good counters but now ? after the nerfs ?
we are encountering a guild with 25 GL then we have only 5 ! How fair is that ? seriously...2z1baoe8funo.jpeg
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  • Hey mate that’s nothing one of the guilds within the coalition that I am in has a 37-125 GL difference
  • LowKal
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    Hi Luke !
    I'm not trying to compete to find out who's worse off.
    I'm sure there are worse than us, it's not fair to you either!
    it would be fair, than after the nerfs, matchmakings make you encounter guilds with the same GL's number or with a small difference not the triple, quintuple or ten times more...
  • Oh man, that looks terrible :O
    ....waiting for the long term health benefit that CG promised for the game... altho i truly think its usual rubbish salesman talk :D
  • Nauros
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    The matchmaking has become a joke at this point. There are so many things that would genuinely improve the player experience, but no, CG has to destroy GL counters and ruin Conquest instead...
  • I feel bad because our last opponents were sorely outmatched and barely cleared 3 of our territories compared to our full clear. :(
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