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  • Perhaps try to "engage" with these ads? 😎
  • It's really not that bad.
  • It's getting really ridiculous. No matter if I have targeted advertising activated or off, when I log in the game burries me in ads, up to 10 pop ups in 2 minutes.
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    No it’s just not enough, I want CG to put pop ups during arena battles and 30 seconds unskippable ads in between each phase of TBs
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    No it’s just not enough, I want CG to put pop ups during arena battles and 30 seconds unskippable ads in between each phase of TBs
    Oh please don’t suggest them new ideas of how to ruin the game

  • I had one yesterday in conquest between pressing start battle, and then choosing my team.

    Not a good time to be honest.
  • Every time now I go into the game to do anything (claiming dailies, doing some kind of battle, check upgrades, etc) whether it's for 30sec or 15min, it's guaranteed that in that time something is going to **** me off. Either the incessant adds, doing a battle and be reminded how useless my nerfed teams are now, try and do a bit on conquest and be reminded how impossible some of the feats are, or something.

    Every time I log out I'm guaranteed that something would have **** me off. I HATE what this game has been turned into.

    Reminds me very much of a "closing down clearance sale" when a shop goes out of business and tries to get as many sales in as possible before they close their doors for good.
  • Clearly players love them despite what the forums say. The metrics show a high level of engagement with the ads, as 100% of players have either purchased or closed the ad.
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    A bit joking, but only a bit. At the moment the permanently 'sale offers' are annoying, simply said.

    Because of the 'improved' conquest and the 'nice' nerf of chars and not to forget because the Executor I reduced my gaming time near to zero, but the offers are still annoying, even I lock in only once a day...
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  • I think the pop-ups are Overprepared IV. Bleedover from Crapquest.
    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
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    Is there any way to disable or reduce the insane amount of spam we get everytime we reach the home screen? I already know the place to find the new sales, I don't need to be constantly bombarded with pop up windows with items to sale. Any suggestions to fix it?

    Not a “fix”, but a popup appears each time you hit the home button. So you can go to Arena or somewhere, hit the home button, close the popup, and repeat until the shop runs out of popups to show you. That way they won’t pop up when you’re busy with something.

    … or until the shop updates again.

    I tried that but the pop ups never stop appearing. I really don't understand the point. I already bought a few packs in the past, but now, thanks to this spam, I'll never pay a cent for anything else. but I'd pay something to stop it Maybe that's their idea.

    Anyway, they should give us that option fast. I've been already avoiding to play the game because I can't find any way to stop the spam.
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    Basically, TONS of ads, all 1 after another as you click "Home". Get a bunch in a row then it seems to chill out. Is there supposed to be an internal timer in between to span them out through the day or is there a straight quota it's reaching as fast as possible?
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