GC 15 Critical Hit Feat Not Working

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I'm curious if anyone else has had an issue with this feat. I can easily win the top tier of GC ships, but I don't seem to be getting credit for 15 critical hits. I've even slowed down the speed so I can carefully count the big yellow number flashes and I'm quite confident I've gotten 15 or more at least 3 times.

My best idea is that it doesn't count critical assists, only crits on a toon's own turn. Any ideas?
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  • Why not take into account crit assist? It is crit ... right?
    We will see preety soon but do not get your hopes to high with CashGrabbers 😜
  • The enemy ships are actually the ones that decided to upgrade a regular hit to a critical one probably.
  • I got it first attempt
  • It took me a lot of attempts, but I got that feat on IX with rebels. Glad I don't need to complete X as well.
  • Can complete with Executor - than you notice the dispell no longer works for Executor as well. Pretty fun nerf vs Executor for upcoming GAC i assume.
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    There is already an open bug report on it and Devs are looking into it. Seems to be a problem with Malevolence fleets in particular.

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