Bare minimum team to get Thrawn to 7 stars

Hey guys. I currently have the Phoenix team geared up to level 8 with Ezra at G9. What level/zeta/gear is the bare minimum with which I can get way at the last phase of Thrawn event?


  • crzydroid
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    That gear is fine.


    Just omega the uniques. Level-wise, 79ish to low 80s should do. Just put on good mods trying to get a few key characters over 200 speed should be sufficient. Some can even be below that threshold.

    Since the event is in Journey Guide, the worst you can do is try it and make a determination if you need more.
  • G8, no zetas, 85. I had all omegas, but it definitely isn’t necessary
  • Xcien
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    No zetas!

    G8, with Ezra and Chopper at G9, worked for me. Their average speed was around 180, with Ezra near 200, and almost all of their Omegas. You need good mods though, so that you can outspeed Thrawn.
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    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback has been noted.
  • Thanks a lot guys, I will work on your recommendations.
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