Star Wars: Visions [SPOILERS]

Visions has arrived to Disney+, so let's discuss!

(I'll have to check back, because I've only watched the first two)


  • I’ve never watch anime, but chances are good I will check it out cause it’s Star Wars…much like the reason myself and so many others play SWGoH.
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    Only saw episode 1 so far, pretty cool

    1. I want to learn more about the Ronin's backstory
    2. I also think the art style worked well for the town resistance members vs bandits action sequence
  • Maybe it's because I'm a fan of emo music, or maybe it's because it was late and I was delirious, but that band from episode 2 was pretty tight.
  • Duel, bride, ninth Jedi, and elder were by far the best ones and I hope they actually become a series at some point.
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    TWINS (episode 3) was alright

    I did enjoy some of the concepts (one twin having R2 / other C3PO), Kyber lightsaber color was neat, and the Holdo Maneuver was awesome imo

    It went from over the top "what even am i watching" to "this is pretty cool"
  • Episode 2 was not to my taste

    Stopped there. 1 was good though
  • ShaggyB wrote: »
    Episode 2 was not to my taste

    Stopped there. 1 was good though

    All 9 are very different, keep watching
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  • I think it’s good it’s not canon so the writers and studios are free to go crazy without lore restrictions, but some of the stuff made me really go “Seriously?” Even for anime
  • I'm not an anime fan, but I found some good and some not so much. I did wish some were longer though.
  • Ep 1 was interesting. Ep 2… I’m 5 min in and don’t know that I can finish it. **** am I watching?
  • I personally liked, The Duel, The Twins, The Village Bride, The Ninth Jedi, The Elder, and Lop and Ocho the most out of the nine episodes.
  • I enjoyed most of the Visions episodes. Lots of potential new character options for the game! Hopefully some will be added.
  • Part of me wishes some of those weren’t just one-off animations and got their own continuations.
  • I thought it was terrible.
  • I like the umbrella saber from duel, can we have one of those ? On visa mar or something ??
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    Seems like a B version of Love, Death, and Robots.
  • ShaggyB wrote: »
    Episode 2 was not to my taste

    Stopped there. 1 was good though

    Yeah, I don't think they should have made that the second episode, my first thought when I saw it was that anyone who wasn't familiar with that specific genre of Anime was going to be like "****" and bail. The other episodes are better, although I didn't think any of them were great.

    Still, a cool idea, nice to see them trying some new things.
  • I enjoyed the stories and was surprised how unsurprised I was at the fit of Star Wars in anime style. It felt like it worked.

    Some of the episodes (Ninth Jedi, Bride, even Twins to some extent) felt almost like pilot episodes more than self-contained shorts to me. I found all of those pilot-like episodes interesting and engaging enough to where I would be more than happy to watch more of them.

    And the Kurosawa fan in me loved The Duel!
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    It is greatly made but i don’t like the fact that there are no connections between each episode. It feels like we jump from one story to another and i dont really see where it’s going.

    If it had a common main story it would be really much better
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    So far I’ve watched 1 and 7. I’d say that they were good, and they were better than I expected, given that I don’t watch anime much.
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • IMO the good episodes were the ones widely enjoyed by everyone; The good episodes were great, the bad episodes ranged from absurd to boring. Personally I enjoyed episodes 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8, episode 1 might be my favorite in terms of "I wish one of these would be a full series." The amount of droids using the force was probably the dumbest thing that happened more than once.
  • Episode 1 was bad, what's with the stupid helicopter umbrella saber thing? it suffers from the main points that make me dislike most anime.
    Episode 2 - saw the art style, switched off.
    I shall not be bothering with the rest most likely.
  • I pushed all the way through because "star wars" - I wasn't overly entertained at any point. I found myself often saying, "but that's not how that works."

    Even with the episodes that had potential (I felt that there were few of these) I just kept thinking that it felt wrong. I think if it was something NOT star wars I would have enjoyed it more and been more interested in where the stories might go.

    It's like taking a sip of tea only to find out that there was orange juice in the glass. It's fine that it's orange juice, but it's not what you wanted or expected.
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  • Surely the point of the series is to tell it slant. I think as a whole it’s done just that and in some cases added some depth too. I enjoyed the whole metatextual symmetry of using Hidden Fortress as the framework for Akakiri - that’s got to resonate with Star Wars fans. I also thought the T0 B1 Astroboy tribute had proper layers as well as a tight story and in my opinion the slickest art. I suppose it’s a bit like What If - playing with a genre to get the cogs turning. Sadly as evidenced by the JJA movies, the big screen canon version of Star Wars think new ideas are the last thing that’s needed. I’d totally be cool with the odd visions character slipping through the net into the holotables.
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    Some episodes are so bad, that's it's not funny.
    Espesially that ruin-johnson's copycat were some no-attached Force user sits on X-wing in space with massive lazersaber that reaches 2km and then warps in some holdo-maneuver-like into Captial ship and slices it down.
    My eyes bleed, my brain boiled. This is ruin johnson's lagacy.
    Nex phaze, droids with lazerswords slicing planets. Coz who needs death star when your lazerswords can reach that height and slice whole planet
    And yes, why did Plagues and palpatine even bothered with midihlorians. Just take some lazersword, give it to some no-name rabbit and make them all-powerful sith.
    Only 4th is somewhat nice
    1,7,9 are ok, even though have world-building problems
  • Twins was just bad. Force or not you cant talk in space
  • Magruffin wrote: »
    Twins was just bad. Force or not you cant talk in space

    Strictly speaking, you can’t talk in vacuum- I talk in space every day
  • I've finished 7 out of 9 episodes and it's been pretty mediocre. Based on the trailer and the concept, I was expecting it to be a lot better.
  • Twins was so bad I didn't even finish it. Why would he have an X-Wing? Why is his r-2 unit imparting yoda's teachings? Why is he standing on the nose of his X-Wing in space?

    Apart from that, a character yelling his internal thoughts to show what is happening is just bad storytelling.

    Are any of the episodes worth the time it takes to watch them?
  • I finally finished watching all the episodes.

    The Duel was my favorite of them, iunteresting animation and I loved the inspiration from Kurosawa's films, specially considering they were an inspiration for SW for Lucas.

    I also liked The Elder a lot, as it felt as the one more in tune with the Star Wars Universe, and also the animation was quite sober.

    The Town Bride, The Ninth Jedi and Lop and Ocho were fun and nice animation, though they felt a little off in some moments.

    T0-B1 wasn't of my liking, though I can understand people liked Astroboy's reference. It's still kinda weird...

    The other ones I really didn't like, at all. Tatooine Rhapsody I didn't like the animation, nor the story or how they tried to stick classic characters into the story. Akakiri was just weird, in all senses. And The Twins was just so absurd, that it felt more like a fan fiction written by a teenager than a studio production.

    Overall, I liked Visions as a chance to see other possibilites for Star Wars. And I wouldn't mind if we get in the future an actual Anime series, hopefuly made by the studios from The Duel or The Elder, as I see good potential in those.

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