Best Strategy for getting Max Geos?

I wouldn't say I'm still a new player (been level 85 for about 3 months) but I only started reading the forum yesterday, I never looked up any guides or anything, I always just did what I wanted but I feel like my progress is stagnating. I was wondering what would be the best strategy to get max geos while the event is still going on, what nodes should I focus on in particular and what should I refresh if any? I only have poggle and geo soldier at 7* others I just unlocked (spy) or still havent unlocked yet (sun fac, brood alpha) and I only have 2* geo soldier ship.


  • It doesn't matter what node you farm, a chase event drop rate is based on energy spent. So if you do 100 energy to do 5 hard, or 10 normal, your number of geo shards will be about the same.

    So just farm whatever you were going to, except not dark side for whatever reason.

    I don't know if there is a difference in drop rate between the cantina energy and the normal/ship. If there is no difference, then refreshing normal and ship energy would be better due to the half crystal cost.
    figured this might be useful for advice I just synced my account
  • Well, you might consider focusing your Cantina farms on the nodes that have Geos in them, Alpha & Spy, so that your double dipping in geo shards.

    Other than that, just focus on Light Nodes this week & skip any normal DS farms you would do.
    Go for some refreshes if you can afford in in Light, Cantina, & Fleet energy.
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