Too much "player engagement" is a bad thing

GAC division rebalancing was long overdue but it came with additional time requirements for many players.

Then Galactic Conquest was added, requiring more time from players and being practically mandatory since it is the sole way of acquiring key characters & ships. Then it was buffed requiring even more time and draining the fun out of it.

Now Territory Wars is getting revamped. Again long overdue but again it comes with additional time requirements and is practically mandatory at the top end because it is the only way to acquire r9 mats.

Any one of these would not be a big deal. But add them together and you have turned a fun game into a laborious grindfest and increased player dis-engagement. I've seen more in the last few weeks than at any other time in the last 3 years and I have even contemplated it myself. For now I settled for ignoring the red crate in Grindquest but I don't know how long that can last.


  • Putting top tier rewards in old boring game modes is pretty lazy IMO. TW needs some serious help. Using it as the new gear gate hardly makes it more fun, it is just more stressful.
  • I agree with the op, conquest repetitiv and too time consuming.
    I was happy to skip some tw to reduce screen time but feel forced to participate in tw to stay competitive.
    simming all raids and ab is a drop in the bucket.
  • jonnysiniwal
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    I don't mind spending time on the game. But the quality of the time matters and I don't feel like the devs have a good grasp of what the players actually enjoy. Conquest has the potential to be fun, but it has a lot of obstacles to that fun. They have moved farther away from the fun part which is really weird, although totally predictable.

    they create these monstrosities like the mod system and instead of fixing it they keep doubling down and expanding it. It is telling that there are 3rd party programs that help with mod management, they cost a monthly fee, and people pay it over spending that money on the game itself. That is how miserable mods are. And you can bet we will see the same thing with conquest if they don't address it.

    I hope conquest gets better, but I am scared of what the cost will be first. The gear crunch is finally being addressed, but not before blowing us out with r8 and 9.
  • LordDirt
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    Nothing like setting 38 teams in each sector now. Will be a lot more time attacking in TW. Seems CG wants us to play this game nonstop now. No more QoL changes for us.
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
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    Mora like “player exhaustion,” amirite? But seriously tho.

    Less timesuck changes are great, but adding much more timesuck is awful. Having to auto AB’s was bad, but it was still better than having to focus and concentrate and move mods and and and.
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • It seemed like they were going in the right direction, more raid simming and AB simming. Then they went and undid all the time that those changes saved and released Conquest 2.0, which I think it's safe to say no one really likes. Now they've gone and upheaved TW, and while it might have temporarily inadvertently solved the "sandbagging" problem, it is yet another time sink. What's next? bringing tournaments back from the dead?
  • CG is like Antoine from Free Guy.

    Dear devs, watch this movie. Maybe this will open your eyes :tongue:
  • Morgoth01 wrote: »
    I don’t believe the increased number of teams in GAC/TW makes a material difference to time requirement. Most of the time 1 additional battle is no more than 3 minutes, so it’s more than offset by AB being simmable.

    If you have to face 50 teams each sektor you have to do way more then 1 additional fight.
    They simply doubled the time effort for high end guilds. The math is simple ... :wink:

  • TW was well designed, only match-making and number or squads comfortable for sand-baggers were not great. 25 per zone for everyone could fix everything just that easy - and... we get either 50 or less but still comfortable for sand-baggers as they still can build GL walls of their size, still awfull match-making with 30-50kk gaps. That all is 1000% opposite to what community asked for)
  • Kyno wrote: »
    Agree, they have been talking about changes to other things to help offset this, simming the raid, ABs, and maybe others, but I'm still not sure that is enough of an offset.

    Easy fix. Put CQ back to how it was. :)
  • LordDirt wrote: »
    Nothing like setting 38 teams in each sector now. Will be a lot more time attacking in TW. Seems CG wants us to play this game nonstop now. No more QoL changes for us.

    I'm guessing that's towards the 380 end....but hey, at least you get 2 guaranteed aero's for the effort. Most people get squat in that regard since 1 for a win is a 240GP participation :)
  • All the changes made since initially re launched the Rancor, were terribl at the beggining. Hope they re consider the path they are throwing us in. We can’t hold that much playing this game like it is a job. And it feels like it right now… game modes should not require this excessive amount of time from players who have jobs, family and friends. If you disrupt the professional and social life of your players, you will end with no players at all. May be this sounds a little extreme, but it is not. Make a call, and make it fast!
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    It seems like everything CG has done recently is one good thing (1 step forwards), and one thing that creates a new grind or time sink (3 steps back), and causes player unrest. But of course, they’ll tell you it’s all to increase player engagement.
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • Though we want to be entertained, not engaged heavily)
  • This post was made by a player with lifetime GAC score of over 1 million. The type of player who spends a large amount of time as is with the game. The shelf-life on this game is nearing the end if CG doesn’t at least acknowledge the community sentiment and tell us they believe it’s a problem with quick plans to address it.
  • Agreeing with OP for visibility. The chores are extremely taxing and is causing a lot of exodus.
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