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Why can the ebon hawk dispell the key locked target lock?
This happens since the last update
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  • Also the TLs on reinforcements aren't coming from what Ive been seeing.
  • When Executor Reinforcements come in, they come in with Chaff. Target Lock Immunity trumps ‘can’t be dispelled, evaded, or resisted’, even when it’s coming from a buff.

    Problem is, they also come in with Breach Immunity… and are getting Breach. So something’s up with the order of operations here (ally Exec applies Breach -> enemy Exec applies Chaff + Breach Immunity -> ally Exec tries and fails to inflict Target Lock). Whether the ally Exec is supposed to inflict debuffs first or the enemy is supposed to grant Reinforcement Buffs first, who knows.

    As for Ebon Hawk… is he actually dispelling the locked Target Lock or just preventing it from applying?
  • I tried it in my squad….i waited until the target lock with lock symbol buffs and when the ebon hawk comes in it dispells the target lock of all allies
  • Huh. Well that shouldn’t be happening no matter the Order of Operations.
  • Sewpot
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  • After calling the ebon hawk both target locks are dispelled…
    Its on both sides
  • I love how theres zero response from the devs on this….
  • Ebon Hawk - Dispel Target Lock from all allies and grant them Chaff for 2 turns.
    Free at last
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  • From the normal ones OK.
    But not from the locked ones
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    It is dispelling the special tl becaue unlike other clearable and non-clearable debuffs both versions of target lock the have 'target_lock` tag and ebon hawk dispel doesn't check for the 'clearable_debuff' tag just the `target_lock` tag

    the regular TL on basic has the following tags
    clearable_debuff target_lock countable_debuff ai_target_lock featcounter_target_lock

    the "locked/special" TL has the following tags
    'target_lock' 'countable_special_debuff' 'ai_target_lock' 'special_target_lock'

    ebon hawk dispel (reinforcement and crew ability) looks for simply
    target_lock and removes it

    My guess is when they "fixed" chaff to to stop the special TL they simply added `target_lock` tag to the special target lock instead of fixing chaff to to also stop the tag 'special_target_lock', and didn't test what this change would cause.

    Bugs bugs bugs....

    happy hunting
  • These meta sucks
  • scuba
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    Hebi wrote: »
    These meta sucks

    don't worry, they are collecting data to see where improvements can be made. ;)
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    I enjoy scuba's deep dive explanations on how the bug occurs
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