Deadly catalyst Disk, is it good?

In your opinion, is this disk worth the 4 slots? Should I go for it?zyr7kh5crkpr.png


  • It pairs really well with the Ruthless Swiftness disks and makes most battles very easy. So easy that you’ll have difficult getting some feats. The disk is best used to clear hard battles but then take it off when you’re attempting feats that need more than just a win, such as evasions or marks.
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    It's the best purple disk. Take it and use it with 4 Ruthless Swiftness to preload your team with 100% turn meter and gain a massive boost. (doesn't work if there's a Hux or JMK ont the enemy team)
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    I miss the old disc (forget the name) that also paired with this disc that inflicted Armor Shred and...some other debuff. Agreed that this is the best purple disc if you get ruthless swiftness (I also like to use ruthless offense, it stacks up faster than the 5% offense for buffs disc if you have the Deadly Catalyst disc, but maybe that's just because my toons are undergeared so I have to have that damage boost to make progress).
  • It's really good, just not as good as it used to be before they nerfed it.

    The biggest reason why it's good is the protection ignore part. Sure the offense is amazing, but the protection ignore makes it so if you can pull of an aoe, you instantly give your team 150-180% offense at the start of the battle even though they will have full protection, because 30% of your damage will go straight to the health of your enemies. So say JKA gets a bonus turn because someone fell below 50% health due to the stupid speed the game has for these overprepared LXIX squads, and then he pulls off his aoe and gives your squad 150% offense which then helps you to trigger the following thresholds even faster. Pair it with those swiftness data disks that trigger when falling below 100% health and grant TM, and you just gave your whole team a turn.
  • That disk is the only reason I've gotten to max crate in conquest 7 and 8. It let's a mediocre team win a fight it would have no chance at otherwise. As stated above is only useful if you have it paired with some ruthless swiftness discs. If you can find a team that heals itself a bit, like bossk lead BH, then you can get endless turns while you focus one enemy down. You just hit someone else at full health or use an aoe when you need a TM boost. Excellent for those faction feats that you don't have a relic team of the faction.
  • I had it in the first Conquest with the new changes (7? 6? I don't even know any more, man) and full-cleared no problem. Didn't get it in the last one and couldn't even scratch Kenobi in the final sector.
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