So here's an additional game for anyone who's interested ... (Ghosts of Dathomir)

So here's an intriguing little puzzle that occurd to me today ...

What is the WEAKEST squad that you can put together that can complete the Bonus Tier of the Ghosts of Dathomir event?

The Rules:
Obviously we can argue until we're blue in the face about what squad is technically weaker than another squad so to save time and avoid any falling out as a result of arguments, let's simply use GP. So what's the lowest GP you can use to beat the Bonus Tier of the Ghosts of Dathomir event?
And also obviously, you're only limited to two successful completions so for purposes of experimentation we'll have to allow that we can call it a "completion" if you quit while very very close and from an obvious winning position.

Right, now that that is out of the way, I'll open the batting!

My current lowest is 59k using five of the Imperal Troopers that are not in my main Imperial Trooper squad. So not all of them are even seven stars yet.
So that's the opening offer - 59k!
Who wants to limbo under that score?


  • 53 k using Mon Mothma rebel fighters. None above G8 and one at G6.
  • 53 k using Mon Mothma rebel fighters. None above G8 and one at G6.

    Nice! :smile:
    Are they all modded? If you take some mods off to lower the score by at least 1k, can they still do it ... ?
  • Additional Rule No using a high Relic character and four weak ones; that's against the spirit of the game. Let's cap all participating characters at g12.
  • Kyno
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  • Ah man… I wish I’d seen this before I did my battles this morning. What a fun minigame! I want to try it with three Tuskens.
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  • StealthGOBLIN32
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    I did it at 42069. G9 Daka, G10 Zombie, G10 Wat, G1 FOX, G1 Mob Enforcer.
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  • The record in my guild atm is 22k ... !
    One Enfys Nest at g11 and four level 1, g1 characters ... !

    Slightly against the Spirit of the Challenge but technically legal!
  • emoore123 wrote: »
    Sorry, undergearing characters to beat events for fun is an unintended interaction and against the spirit of the game 😉. Because of your mini game, future instances of ghosts of dathomir will require 7* toons at a minimum power level of 25,000 to ensure maximum engagement.

    - CG

    (Not so) funny part is, I could totally see them do something stupid like this… maybe not 25,000, but definitely put a minimum req😳
  • And my g13 nightsisters still can't clear tier 3 shadows while we have threads like this showing
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