Best LV team without Maul?

Free at last


  • Saada
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    Lv, piett and 3 tanks (rg, shore, storm/kru) seem to work pretty well.
    Other options:
    Lv, piett, Gideon, vader, rg
    Lv, piett, Gideon, kru, rg
    Lv, piett, vader, kru, rg
    Lv, piett, shore, vader, rg
  • Thanks, LV, Piett, DV, KRU, RG it is.
    Free at last
  • @LordDirt how's that working out for you? If cat would target LV with mark I would run two tanks. I'm running offence build with Piett, moff, dv, Asajj.

    If I run two tanks it's a 50-50 chance One of them will get taken out. I need a full five for my first ult to even have a chance. Such a let down.
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