Effect of Hyperdrive Bundle

If you are curious what all that stuff would do for a newish player.... because I know I was.

I joined the game in early October, about 6-7 weeks ago, although I'm not sure of the exact day - enough time I got a 3 star Jango Fett from the calendar. In that time I spent about $20, worked on Phoenix team as ftp only, and started realizing how hard gear was going to get. On Nov 10 when they announced the discount on the Hyperdrive Bundle I changed my strategy and stopped working on any people included in the bundle that weren't already

Nov 17 before HB GP: 167,861 and level 63
Now, about 24 hours later GP: 808,157

In more detail

Level 63
GP: 167,861
Arena Rank: 1631
Fleet Rank: 341
7 star characters: Zeb, Kanan
6 star characters: Boba, Hera, Ezra, Chopper (90/100 shards though)
I had bought the Boba Fett and Mandalorian group starter packs and one of the unrefined bundles.
I had earned about 450 mods and won 5 star Palpatine and Thrawn with the Phoenix Squad

Immediately after the purchase my GP was 761,353 without doing anything with the resources except claiming the achievements that were automatically fulfilled.

After a day of selective gear ups, modding up, leveling up, ability ups, cashing in stored Ally points, and spending some of the currencies in the assorted stores (not everyone! and did not spend everything yet, since I have a plan)

Current GP: 808,157
Arena Rank: 911
Fleet Rank: 158
(I'm expecting some more increase, based on the teams I was against, but don't know how much, of course. I'm sure I'll run into a wall)
Took Palpatine to 6 stars
Took Thrawn to 6 stars
Took Hera to 7 stars
Took Boba to 7 stars
Took Old Daka to 6 stars (pure luck that one)
Took Darth Vader to 6 stars from picking and choosing actions that got me achievements
Gained Yoda, R2-D2, and BB-8 at 5 stars. And BB-8 was with unaltered, unmodded HB characters

As a fun side note, since I didn't cash in my ally points for a week (didn't want to waste them if I got a character I was going to get in the bundle), I clicked a lot of Bronzium chips today
#Ally Points: 50,889 for 203 draws
Of the 203 draws I received
18 two shard draws
6 lesser character draws (10 or 25 shards worth)
1 major character draw (80 shard from 4 star Old Daka draw)


  • Thanks for sharing your experience.

    How are your GAC matchups? Do you find that you are matched with players with much better rosters? Has the Hyperdrive Bundle helped you with your matches in GAC at all?
  • GAC requires level 85 to participate, so I have not played in one yet. Based on my squad arena experiences, I am going to be at a disadvantage compared to others top teams, but don't know enough about the usual depth vs breadth to have any expectations across the board.
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