[MEGA] State of the Galaxy: November 2021


  • Someone on another thread raised a valid question. How are they going to address cheating in GAC? If it wasn't already an issue, I suspect it will certainly be now.
  • I like this change.
  • Squad arena just for lower end players. Good news end game players there’s no zero incentive to spend money to keep up!! Yay!!
  • So Arena becomes… what? Nothing?

    Yep wow
  • So Arena becomes… what? Nothing?
  • Just tank week 1 or 2 of grand arena, then mop up on scrubs.
  • RTS
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    I’m liking the changes - assuming CG has the matchmaking figured out
  • For the 1 point per defeated opponent character, could potentially create a disadvantage if your opponent sets undersized defenses?
  • Agreed
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