[MEGA] State of the Galaxy: November 2021


  • In the end Conquest changes have not been as bad watching what you doing now 😜
  • Holy crap, how stupid can you people be? The funny thing is that when the game dies they’ll try saying “oh, it just ran it’s course” instead of “we actively tried to destroy the cash cow”
  • I will likely be in the minority here, but I am cautiously ecstatic. Assuming this goes as I hope it does, it is removing the game mode I hate the most and improving the one I like the most.

    This is basically what I've been asking for forever.


    I agree with you, squad arena is tedious and repetitive, you always face the same teams and hope that someone doesn't knock you down in the last minute.

    Also, with crystals no longer tied to squad arena, there's a chance that we can turn it into something resembling a sandbox mode.
  • I really like this change (if GAC was only 5v5). To me, GAC (5v5) is the best part of the game but the rewards never matched the effort. Now there is more incentive to get involved. But I still really hate 3v3, and this change means I'm going to have to play it more to stay in a higher league. At the moment I aim for kyber in 5v5, but pretty much just set defence and forget for 3v3.

    With this change, can we please finally make it that you only need to do 1 squad arena battle to complete daily challenges, rather than 2? That's always annoyed me for when you just want to quickly do your "dailys". You have to wait another 5+ minutes for the squad arena counter to reach zero.
  • A lot of people, including myself, choose not to engage in GAC because WE HATE IT. We are active in arena instead. You are taking that choice away from us now, and with it all enjoyment. Might be time for us to just quit I guess.
  • So Arena becomes… what? Nothing?
  • All I take away from this is way more effort and stress for maybe the same rewards. And without them being daily to boot.
  • Someone on another thread raised a valid question. How are they going to address cheating in GAC? If it wasn't already an issue, I suspect it will certainly be now.
  • I like this change.
  • Squad arena just for lower end players. Good news end game players there’s no zero incentive to spend money to keep up!! Yay!!
  • So Arena becomes… what? Nothing?

    Yep wow
  • So Arena becomes… what? Nothing?
  • I like GAC and even this idea, but I am really concerned about the time sink. At least with Squad Arena you can set you squad, forget, and still get some crystals...
  • Just tank week 1 or 2 of grand arena, then mop up on scrubs.
  • Way to suck the fun out of it for a casual player
  • Wow. you guys are something else. I mean, seriously, who sits in their cubicle and determines how to change the game?
  • Do CG really think this will be received as something remotely positive?
    OK they hate ftp players but these changes are not well received by anyone.
    I have said it before this incompetence is not possible it is time to face the fact that they are intentionally sinking this game. One or to years from now the game-servers will be closed and all the money and time people spend on the game will be nothing.
  • As usual, not enough information in the post to truly make an informed opinion. Gut feeling is this will decrease my monthly crystal income by 3-5k. I know this is the intended goal even if cg won’t admit it. No I will not be purchasing crystals to make up for it. The changes over the past six months has changed me from a 20-40 bucks a month spender to zero. I won’t reward you cg for making the game less enjoyable.
  • RTS
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    I’m liking the changes - assuming CG has the matchmaking figured out
  • GAC sucks. There's a ton of cheaters they do nothing too and now you reward the cheaters with more crystal income. Well done....Well done......
  • Devs: if there is a time to listen to the community, this is the time. You effectively just killed the game with your changes. The fall out will not just be on players, but guilds as well.
  • So, your idea for making money is forcing us to play the absolute worse game mode you guys have? I'm not quitting the game. I'm just not spending anymore money on you. Not that you'll care, you have never cared about us.
  • RTS wrote: »
    I’m liking the changes - assuming CG has the matchmaking figured out

    They haven't figured that out yet. I am constantly against players with 1 more GL than I have. CONSTANTLY! I gear up factions to use as defense but you can't kill a GL without a GL now! The great nerf of 2021

  • Just stop. Gac is bad and this is an attempt to get more people to play it. Even the arena isn’t fun anymore. Most of the game isn’t enjoyable anymore. Let’s fix the stuff we have and add some new things like red five and the Death Star run and not like needing to spend money or extra time in modes we don’t like.
  • Grand arena is excellent and this is a good change.

    I like many get 500 crystals per day from squad arena but its very tedious to have to be on at a specific time each day or you miss out.

    This is just better.
  • Grand Arena is easily the worst thing you've ever added to this game, stop trying to shovel this crap down our thoats.
  • For the 1 point per defeated opponent character, could potentially create a disadvantage if your opponent sets undersized defenses?
  • Agreed
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    They said they'd be doing this to GAC years ago, adding crystal income as an incentive.

    Mods locked in for 4 weeks, characters, relic levels, any progression, and if you are down a GL you can't win (since the non-GL counters got benched). Sounds like a super smart idea.

    The fact you're at the whim of the least reliable matchmaker that is 90% of the reason nobody but whales care about this mode in the first place after the non-GL GL counters nerf.

    Even if you're perfectly evenly matched GL count wise, if you mirror something out of necessity and the other squad is faster, you're still SOL.

    All so you can try hard and hate the game even more for 75% of the daily crystals you were earning before this upcoming patch.

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  • People in shard chats were too used to getting crystals with no effort. Now they'll have to work for those crystals. If matchmaking is good, this might not be a bad idea.
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