[MEGA] State of the Galaxy: November 2021


  • Madao5412
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    Skill points-win 2 rounds and the next one will definetely land you a gl opponent.
  • RTS wrote: »
    I’m liking the changes - assuming CG has the matchmaking figured out

    They are letting win/loss records dictate the matchmaking. They have officially given up on trying to make even matches based on what people have. How they will sort all the people who have the same win/loss record is a complete mystery which I hope they will explain in the Q&A.

    Irrespective of whether it is a good idea or not, I think they are making way too many changes at the same time. Based on their track record, I am willing to bet that it will be a royal mess at the start.
  • I'm open to the changes and I won't act like the sky is falling on the game until there's time to digest how the changes will affect the players.

    But here's my gripe: the SOTG post's main theme (arguably) is to award the more skillful player compared to the savvy (GP crunching) player, which I'm 100% for.

    After all their nerfs to non-GL counters though, it's a very contradicting change. Revert the nerfs to the "except Galactic Legends" abilities (not Defense Penetration- that's a good one) and I'll jump on the bandwagon.
  • when does those changes go live?
  • Kshsedch wrote: »
    Perfect example for how CG team kills their own game.

    They have no idea how unpopular GAC is.

    Yeah, because squad arena is sooo much fun
  • So many questions. Is fleet arena becoming useless as well? When is this happening? Is your "rank" adversely affected by not participating in a week's GAC?
  • Ok you can have squad arena, kind of getting tired with long battles using lord vader but PLEASE do not destroy fleet arena too!
  • Prosser wrote: »
    Shard chats were just allowing too many people to get max crystals daily eh?

    Actually on the contrary. The Mafias didn't allowed almost any player to be in the top 20 even. That's totally unfear for the most players in the Arena
  • Cg never wants us to log off again. We will have gac, chorequest,and tb or tw all going at once. Bye bye real life
  • Grand Arena is easily the worst thing you've ever added to this game, stop trying to shovel this crap down our thoats.

    Tell us you didn't participated in Conquest 10, without telling us you didn't participate in Conquest 10...
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