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    Skill points-win 2 rounds and the next one will definetely land you a gl opponent.
  • As someone who's played for 6 years and is very tired of battling the same players over and over and over and over... I'm definitely glad that arenas are finally being deemphasized. It was like being stuck in a Jean-Paul Sartre play.
    I'm pretty nervous about this shift to GAC, because matchmaking has never been great. At least in arenas I can pick my opponents. Now I'll get them handed to me. I'm willing to give it a whirl but if I'm noticing my crystal income is significantly reduced over the next few months, it might be time to call it a day.
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  • Why in the world would you ever get rid of a game mode/stop payout on it? GAC is a slog for anyone with a large roster in 5v5, not to mention 3v3, which i haven't actively participated in in over a year because i dont have the time, will or care to set up all those teams and then fight those battles. I rely on SA for my crystals and barely care to play that. Why would you think that i want to spend all that time in GAC? Stupid move CG and seriously think you are trying actively to kill your game.
  • most of this post aside: why/where is everyone getting the idea that GAC is an unpopular mode and is going to be even more unpopular? I've never heard that until now with GAC in general. (yes there has always been 3v3 hate, but never much on the 5v5 that I know)
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    Shard chats were just allowing too many people to get max crystals daily eh?

    They were born out of necessity because the in game chat system is a joke. Freshmen CS majors have projects more complicated, not to mention more functional than the in game chat of SWGOH.

    There isn't even an inventory or gear crafting table, in a gear grinding game...

  • If you do this, you must eliminate 3v3 GAC. It's horrible and terribad. Messes up everything. 6v6 would make sense, but not 3v3. In the past, 3v3 was a welcome break, but if you basically force me to do it, it needs to be trashed.
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    I’m liking the changes - assuming CG has the matchmaking figured out

    They are letting win/loss records dictate the matchmaking. They have officially given up on trying to make even matches based on what people have. How they will sort all the people who have the same win/loss record is a complete mystery which I hope they will explain in the Q&A.

    Irrespective of whether it is a good idea or not, I think they are making way too many changes at the same time. Based on their track record, I am willing to bet that it will be a royal mess at the start.
  • I'm open to the changes and I won't act like the sky is falling on the game until there's time to digest how the changes will affect the players.

    But here's my gripe: the SOTG post's main theme (arguably) is to award the more skillful player compared to the savvy (GP crunching) player, which I'm 100% for.

    After all their nerfs to non-GL counters though, it's a very contradicting change. Revert the nerfs to the "except Galactic Legends" abilities (not Defense Penetration- that's a good one) and I'll jump on the bandwagon.
  • For the people complaining about the time they now need to spend in GAC, are you aware that you won't be spending that time in squad arena waiting for the timer to tick down during the hour leading up to your payout time?

    I can knock out a full clear much quicker than that, and at any time of day that I choose.
  • when does those changes go live?
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    I do like the spirit of the changes, but this will be a massive reduction of gem income for nearly everyone who is doing top 1 right now. That is absolutely clear. It also doesn't deal with hackers and punishes small/mid size accounts, who even if they play very well and smart will be systematically faced by much bigger rosters. The ladder system means that top kyber spots will be filled by 9M+gp players irrespective of ability.

    Arena was a terrible game mode. Glad that it's gone (I was getting 500 easy daily gems, but having to be there at a particular time sucks). What about ships?

    I guess that the clear winners are the bigger accounts who enjoy PvP, and the clear losers are small/new accounts doing top 1, who are thoroughly **** now.

    Can we speak about 3v3? The majority sentiment is that we should simply get rid of 3v3. Why stick with it?
  • Kshsedch wrote: »
    Perfect example for how CG team kills their own game.

    They have no idea how unpopular GAC is.

    Yeah, because squad arena is sooo much fun
  • Well, it was good while it lasted.
    Don’t mean my time in the game, but my time in Kyber. No way i’ll be able to compete against a guy who has 2m more gp than me, because eventually, over time, Kyber will be filled with the highest gp players as pg is not part of matchmaking anymore.

    It could still be a fun game mode (even if there isn’t really a roster management aspect anymore, as you should just get the most gear possible the quicker you can via any means, money included), so wait & see.

    And there is one mistake in the State of the Galaxy post:
    ‘ Kyber League should represent the very best players in the game who use their squads to their fullest.’
    That is not totally true. With this system, ‘Kyber league will represent the very best players in the game who have the strongest characters maxed, the widest rosters AND use them to their fullest.’
  • @CG_SBCrumb_MINI We don't want this! For once, actually listen to the player base and stop trying to fill your pockets!
  • First time posting here just to say that i'm almost done with CG and SWGOH.
    Lot of weird changes the last months and now we will be pushed to play GAC 3v3 (i really hate that) and also Hondo Ohnaka is NOT here.

    I'm almost done, almost.
  • If they think we’re going to spend money to replace the crystals we’re losing they’re lost their minds. I’ve been a heavy spender to keep up in squad arena. Wallet closed.
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    Am I reading this right? No gp consideration outside of initial placement? The whole idea of shards was fighting against players of similar time in game. All but end game players gets completely skunked by this, and by taking away our main souce of crystals it makes it harder to grow, are you trying to kill your game?

    So a skilled lower gp player will get knocked out simply because they will hit higher GPs after winning and have no shot against those rosters, that will so demotivating as I had no shot to win.

    You need to put gp brackets back in to avoid big mismatches, your algorithm will not do this right it needs to be hard coded.

    Eliminate squad arena entirely and add rewards to dailies.

    It is obvious you did this to make newer players have to spend way more to catch up. Have to build many teams as opposed to 1 Meta, truly pathetic money grab, esp after botching conquest. What a joke.
  • So many questions. Is fleet arena becoming useless as well? When is this happening? Is your "rank" adversely affected by not participating in a week's GAC?
  • People in shard chats were too used to getting crystals with no effort. Now they'll have to work for those crystals. If matchmaking is good, this might not be a bad idea.

    I forgot that this was a full time job and not a mobile game
  • People in shard chats were too used to getting crystals with no effort. Now they'll have to work for those crystals. If matchmaking is good, this might not be a bad idea.

    Climbing every day is no effort? Better to shift crystals to a game mode where there is rampant cheating that can't be mitigated in any way? To a game mode that is hated by many? To a game mode where someone can look at what you set on defense due to the decision to make GAC defense history public?

    If people are not happy with this change, the best thing to do would be to not engage in it, let your voice be heard wherever you can and stop rewarding them.

  • I don’t like this change, taking my crystal income from SA and forcing me to play GAC
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    GAC is a massive time sink. With arena i can at least skip it some days or do other things while waiting for the timer. Resetting this many teams in GAC over and over is the reason why I stopped playing it. If that's what it takes to get crystals in the future i might just as well stop playing. I've been playing daily for years and spending money. No more with these changes. I'm tired of being in a game that feels like a chore or full time job.
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  • Ok you can have squad arena, kind of getting tired with long battles using lord vader but PLEASE do not destroy fleet arena too!
  • From 550 crystals a day to 100 after 3. No thanks
  • RTS wrote: »
    I’m liking the changes - assuming CG has the matchmaking figured out

    Haha..... haha....
  • Prosser wrote: »
    Shard chats were just allowing too many people to get max crystals daily eh?

    Actually on the contrary. The Mafias didn't allowed almost any player to be in the top 20 even. That's totally unfear for the most players in the Arena
  • Cg never wants us to log off again. We will have gac, chorequest,and tb or tw all going at once. Bye bye real life
  • Grand Arena is easily the worst thing you've ever added to this game, stop trying to shovel this crap down our thoats.

    Tell us you didn't participated in Conquest 10, without telling us you didn't participate in Conquest 10...
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