You guys broke the game again. Can't send in Hoda, 3PO, MM in Ph2 or 3 of ChPit without loosing your buttons and having to force close the game.

Yours truly,
Your Testers


  • You need Wat in that group for the buttons to work
  • E3P0
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    Even worse:

    - this "fix"/change was never mentioned in any of the recent Update posts.
    - the Devour cooldown bug doesnt appear to be listed anywhere I can see on the Developer tracker either (I admit it's a very clunky interface so I might have missed it, but I had no relevant results when filtering for any of "Rancor", "Devour" or even "Raid")
    - we're like A YEAR into this raid, one of the premier parts of the game, as one of the few that can still be considered "end-game content". And this bug STILL exists?! How? Why?

    At this point I can only surmise that there's something irrevocably broken with the coding in the Challenge Rancor raid and any change they might try to implement would break it even more. But in that case, they should just change the text to match the reality. Say "Devour starts off cooldown, you'll need to pay a tax of one extra R5 toon if you want to participate legitimately in phases 2 or 3". (I'm kidding about the second half. But also, not really)

    I shouldn't be surprised, really. As there's even glaring bugs I noticed and pointed out from the very beginning of the Sith raid that were never acknowledged, addressed or resolved. It does come across as pretty bad optics though: "Let's just pretend it doesn't exist and hope most people are too apathetic to say anything about it." is the vibe I get.
  • Who told you this is a bug?
  • Gifafi
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    You didn’t know you have to send a toon to get eaten? Iirc that’s a feature not a bug
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Raid is fine. Rewards suck
  • Gifafi wrote: »
    You didn’t know you have to send a toon to get eaten? Iirc that’s a feature not a bug

    Yeah I've been throwing Rose into the Rancor maw as a sacrificial offering since the raid launched. I wasn't even aware it was a bug that he immediately devoured in P2/P3. It's not like someone who's in a guild running cRancor doesn't have useless R5 toons from unlocking GLs that they can spare.
  • E3P0
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    Gifafi wrote: »
    You didn’t know you have to send a toon to get eaten? Iirc that’s a feature not a bug

    Up to now you didn't have to. As mentioned elsewhere you could send an auto-retreat toon (3po, Mon Mothma, Hermit Yoda or Wat) and still have your entire R5 roster available to you. It's not a huge deal because nearly everyone has some crap R5 expendable toons they don't use anyway. But that's not the point. The point is that the description as written states the ability is supposed to start on cooldown, but the experience in-game doesn't match that, and hasn't since the very beginning. You're free to consider that as cool if you want, but it doesn't change the fact that it's objectively a bug.
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