Isnt it about time allready ?

Im sure this has been asked like billion times allready , but isnt it really a time allready that we get a bloody use roll for 5,10,20 or all for ally points for Bronzium data cards ?? It's super annoying to use them 1 by 1 and at worst if forggotten about them spend next x amount mins spamming the buttons to get them all used. Has been like that for ages and shouldnt take too long to fix the code for it in game to redo it ? Im sure defs got alot other stuff to do and focus on but ignoring to fix annoying game mechanic that is daily thing for players is just obnoxious.


  • Totally agree, I think one day I will get repetitive stress syndrome on my thumb pressing it so many times
  • There are other solutions (none are perfect and technically violate the TOS).


    2. Using an emulator and a mouse auto-clicker

    3. Using an android or iOS auto-tapper

    (Start watching at 5:50 more or less)
  • I totally agree with you too ! At least having the possibility to open 10 Bronzium data cards at one time would be great !
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