Galactic challenge hoth

I'm using malevolence with separatists and attacking out of turn tons and scoring lots of crits but it seems it's not counting I'm winning every time I've ran the battle tier ten about 60 times and cant get the crit or attack out of turn feats anyone have advice or know what's up?


  • Having the same problem. Guess you have to drag it out longer but the dots could kill off the enemy before you hit the marks which is what I've been noticing. Just have to keep at it apparently
  • I was able to do the crits eventually with malevolence, but not the attacking out of turn. Didn't count them, though
  • Finally got the 20 out of turn using Rebels w HT as a reinforcement on Tier 9. That gets max crate. I really wish there was a counter. Even if it just told you afterwards what it officially counted that would be useful.
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