Color Code Omega icon on Toon portraits according to game mode it's for?

There's getting to be a lot of Omegas in the game now and it's hard to remember which is for what mode. Could they be color coded for game mode?


  • Xcien
    2438 posts Member
    I believe you mean Omicrons, and while that could be a helpful UI update, there are more necessary things that need to be addressed first.
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • CCyrilS
    6669 posts Member
    It appears they only appear in their respective game modes (and main roster), so that should help.

    I.E. if you look at an opponent's roster in GAC, it won't show their phasma omi, so you won't get confused keeping track of whether or not it applies.
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