I can't upgrade my abilities for my character?

I clearly have enough ability material and I am the correct level to upgrade?!!! anyone else having this problem ???!!


  • Hello TheRoger,

    When you are on the upgrade screen and see your materials, try to scroll where the ability materials are. Sometimes there will be a 3rd ability material requirement for the skill you want to upgrade. So you will need to meet those requirements as well. It's the Mk III ability that is typically hidden, you just have to scroll up to see it.

    Double check that for us and if you can confirm that you do, in fact, have the required amount for ALL required materials- could you take a screenshot and post it here. Thank you!
  • Hey @Zalenira - Thank you so very much for that answer. You are correct, I am missing those final Ability Mat III items. Very much appreciate the fast response!

  • No problem at all Bennet! I'm glad that it was nothing more than that. :)
  • Thank you @Zalenira it was in fact hidden thanks!
  • Wow had this problem too... What a pain! I thought there was no use for purple mats.
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