Can Characters Killed by Force Leap be Revived?

I noticed that the text of CAT’s force leap ability doesn’t specify that the enemy you instant kill with the first use can’t be revived, unlike mando and nihilus’ instant kill abilities, which do say that. Has anyone confirmed whether you can actually revive her target?

I’m wondering because if you can revive them, I feel like you might be able to send in a starkiller team against jmk and have visas revive your Jedi tank, who’ll be pretaunting thanks to sk’s unique, then try to at least kill CAT so you can 2 shot the jmk team. Has anyone tried this?


  • yep, they can get revived
  • Metasly
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    Yes they can be revived, I sometimes used a Jedi team with Jolee to do that
  • TargetEadu
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    Thing is when JMK resets CAT’s cooldowns, he also calls the original Ahsoka to assist and she’ll dispel the pretaunt unless it’s a more dispel-proof version.
  • Metasly
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    That's why Mace isn't a good choice for a defence JMK team : he'll transform the pretaunt to his own stacks of Resilent Defense which are dispellable and not reapplied by JMK lead (as opposed to Taunt) so CAt can target the opponend CAT if she's faster
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