Do I have anything in my roster that can beat SLKR

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As the title says. I have yet to beat any kind of SLKR team. I understand the right jedi team can counter him, but I don’t think I quite have the right toons geared up enough. I’m currently working on JML, but it would be nice if I have something in the meantime. Any advice?


  • CCyrilS
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    It's no guarantee, but JKR JKL Hoda are probably the best option (non GL options that is)
  • Dwinkelm
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    Looking at your roster, your off-meta (non-GL) Jedi aren’t strong enough to take on an optimized SLKR team.

    The team comp you’re looking for is:

    JKR, Bastilla, HY, JKL, Old Ben

    It isn’t an easy counter. You need them modded in a specific way, need to meet certain speed thresholds, and need a specific strategy. Even if you do everything “right,” it’s still far from a guaranteed victory. You’ll likely need them all relic’d, with JKL at a minimum of r7.

    I suggest doing a search on YouTube, writing all the specifics here is daunting. I highly recommend “Xaereth Prevails,” I believe he was a pioneer for this off-meta counter and breaks things down very well. Plus, you can watch him successfully do this counter over and over again to help make sure you get it right.
  • Dwinkelm
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    Added note:

    I had this same problem as you once upon a time ago. I decided to gear up this off-Meta team before finishing my JML farm. I’m very glad I did, as you’ll want/need off-meta GL counters as you climb in GAC to remain competitive.
  • If you want to try an interim SLKR counter before you finish Luke, then you could farm the armorer. Jkr lead JKL armorer (other 2 don’t matter so much - you could use HODA plus AN Other Jedi). SLKR jumps JKR to trigger Armorers 3rd stack - whack the Beskar on JKL. Take ST out first & then JKL should work through the rest of the squad. I don’t have the fastest JKR so I find this a more reliable counter than the traditional Jedi one
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