Hide GAC points until the end

There is a huge advantage to going second. you know exactly how many points you need. you know if you can afford to 2 shot a team. at least if you hide the score, they can't just aim to get 1 more point than you.


  • This is a great idea
  • Interesting idea for sure. Would it not become pen and paperish though...............which isn't very intuitive.
  • Granolo
    172 posts Member
    Or you could go first, do as well as posible (as you would if you couldn't see the banners), and put the pressure on your opponent, forcing them to take risks with underdogs with higher chances of them making a mistake. You can even plan your defense for that (with mostly teams that snipe banners instead of preventing oneshots, and saving all your strong teams for offense to make sure you oneshot everything and have lots of underdog chances).
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