Skill Level is not working for fair matchups

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I am currently facing an opponent who has 35 relic toons with several complete teams up to relic 7. His account on swgoh is:

I have 13 relic toons and one iffy relic 3 team: Here is my account:

I can't even complete against him. I used my best offense team to beat his Ewoks which included two of which had relics. The rest of the teams who put on defense I could not fight. Why is this player in Bronzium 3? Or do I belong even lower to be able to have comparable opponents? I think in the 4 months I have returned to the game I had one Grand Arena in which I had comparable opponents. It's really not fun when you are so outclassed by your opponent you can't even use some strategy. Might as well put level 6 toons on defense since I have nothing he can't beat. What gives GC?


  • If you're outclassed, that's all on you. You're both basically the same GP.

    The current system maintains a 'fair' win rate, even for you too.

    I'd like to know what you think is a fair system. I mean if it were the amount of relics...........think of the amount of G12 sandbagging you'd get............URGH.
  • For all the people posting how the current GAC matchmaking isn’t “working” for them, there’s maybe 1 that comes up with an idea that’s replace it.
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    I have no idea how to replace the current system, but it's gotten even worse with my second opponent. They have 3 GL and 75 relic toons. I have one complete team of relic 3 toons & a total of 15 relic toons. My opponent's GP is 7 mil. Mine is 4..4 mil. Why is my opponent in Bronzium 3 when they should be Aurodium or ****??? That's what I call sandbagging...
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