I can't enter the Rancor raid !!!

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Hello everybody. I am a novice player and it is not clear to me how to get into Guild raids. I would like to fight against the Rancor (the first raid, the easiest one) but if I have my own guild I can never reach the 30,000 credits needed to fight. And if I join an existing guild, I can't decide when to play against the Rancor. And so I've never played it. How do you suggest me to do?
Thank you!
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    Join a starter guild - they pretty much play Rancor as often as possible. Be patient as you can’t join a raid that’s in progress. You will always need to wait til a new one starts (& at least 24h). Try it out a few times & once you get the hang of it join a proper guild but pick one roughly your level (so if the average GP is similar to yours) - then you get the best chance to participate. Once you’ve got your sea legs you can choose to join a more advanced guild & accelerate the benefits (but that’s always at the expense of participation so don’t rush to do that - imho better to grow with your guild & make friends than leech of others’ efforts)
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