Only One Spot Left!!! We're NO CHORES, A 337mil+ GP Casual Guild

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We are an active, but casual guild, who currently have a vacancy to fill (5mil GP minimum).

We do all heroic raids (7:30p EST) with a 24hr join period so no one misses out on rewards, are focused on both Geo TB's (DS Geo 29* + Wat shards -- LS Geo 17* + Kam shards), and are regularly completing Cpit.

We don't have any strict rules, but are looking for players who are active, and able to contribute to all guild activities (HSTR, TW, TB, etc.). We understand that people have lives, so there are no daily requirements, or discord needed.

Contact Us:
• Guild Recruiter: GrendelKhan (Forum), Ally Code: 442-672-591
• Guild Leader: Wes Terallo, Ally Code: 472-736-428
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