MEGATHREAD - State of the Galaxy: July 2022

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Hello folks!

Please use this thread to discuss everything you've read in the State of the Galaxy!

State of the Galaxy: July 2022
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  • Definately a road ahead worthy.

    Great stuff all exciting!
  • Oh my god Jabba GL they're actually doing it that's hilarious haha
  • What a joke. Mod management now that mods don’t care to datacrons. Meh news as always. Don’t care bout jabba. Bout scary wookie. And new ships. Remove crystals from fleet arena with datacrons. Thanx
  • CadoaBane wrote: »
    So when relic 9 is a requirement now for a new capital ship, where's the part mentioning how there will be more ways to actually get r9 droid brains in the game if you're not in a overly competitive 300+ mio gp guild?

    Plus the writing is on the wall for Jabba to need at least one R9 requirement as well.
  • I told you. You should save a couple of r9.
  • Dianora
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    Enjoyed everything overall (okay, maybe not the R9 requirements for Jabba unless droid brains are going to become more common) except for the mod changes. I don't find the current mod system onerous so much as depressing. I'm sure some people will appreciate the improved interface but I would have much rather preferred things like: removing 1-4 dot mods; making speed secondaries more common; removing some of the unused primaries; and making triangles more common. Or, since I'm just wishing here, removing all speed secondaries and making this game not completely revolve around who rolled more speed on their mods.
  • I told you. You should save a couple of r9.

    R9 doesn't matter if you can't get there anyway
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    BinBetter wrote: »
    Nice. But still no full roster mod snapshot. The code exists in the game, TW, GAC, please implement it for MODs. Allow us to save in game a single instance of all mods on all characters. Easy way to put all the mods back with a single button click. Save/Resave and Reapply, just 2 buttons.

    Yes, that would make 3v3-5v5 swapping easy. And even with all the new tools, there's simply no contribution to remodding half a roster. It will only allow dealing with batches of new mods easier...which wasn't that hard.
  • flux_rono
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    yeah CG THIS IS A RAOD AHEAD tells us about the future without telling us everything, the other thing you released to talk about datacrons was a state of the galaxy. get the names and idea right
  • I like the mod QoL update. That's going to save a lot of time.

    Not that interested in GL Jabba. But it is interesting that there won't be a counterpart to him. Does that mean the next GL will be Old Republic related? I hope so.

    I think we're long over due for word on the gear economy changes. And I'm going to hold my ground on this one; until those changes are finished, I'm not spending anymore on this game. C'mon CG, finish those changes.
  • Granolo
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    That being said, what we are still missing is being able to snapshot all the mods you have equipped to your toons, so you can easily remod certain toons for an specific event/battle, then you can return all your mods where they were initially. Because even with all these improvements, remodding for specific battles is still gonna be a hassle and something many people will still avoid.
  • Hell guys we are finally getting mod QoL, I really don't give a rats **** about the rest. We should encourage QoL changes like this not get saltier than a salt mine.
  • Still no fleet loadouts ;)
    (jokes aside, update looks good!)
    #CloneHelmets4Life...VICTORY!!!! :smiley: "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." The more you tighten your grip, CG/EA, the more whales will slip through your fingers (and go F2P or quit).
  • flux_rono
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    will this visual be available for already maxed mods? id love to see how great my tenacity rolls are on my nest for example
  • I am personally really excited for this. Jabba has always been a character I wanted in the game, and with the Hutt cartel tag, we could finally get the true hero of star wars, Salacious. b. crumb!
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