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Wampa Warrior

A male specimen of the same species as Wampa. Not quite as important in the theatre, but just as deadly.

Recommend Synergies
Sith Eternal Emperor (Lifter Unit 👀)

Dark Side, Attacker

Speed- 133

Mastery- Accuracy, Damage, and Defense Penetration

-(Basic) Incoming Snowball
Deal physical damage and inflict speed down to target enemy for 2 turns. This attack can’t be countered, evaded, or resisted by empire and rebel enemies.

-(3)(Special) Icicle Jab
Deal physical Damage to target enemy and inflict 4 damage over time effects and daze for 3 turns. Remove 15% turn meter from all other Empire and Rebel units, which can’t be resisted.

-(4)(Special) Snow Cloak
Wampa gains stealth for 3 turns. All units take damage equal to 35% of their max health (Excludes Galactic Legends and raid bosses). If all allies are non-empire dark side, all allies recover 35% health and protection.

-(Unqiue) The way of the Land (Zeta)
Whenever a non-empire dark side ally uses a special ability, Wampa Warrior is called to assist, dealing 50% less damage. If wampa is an enemy, all non-empire dark side allies start the battle with frenzy for 2 turns. Wampa Warrior and the allied non-empire dark side leader has +25% health steal and +50% max health. Wampa Warrior takes 25% less damage from Rebel and Empire enemies. Whenever stealth is dispelled from Wampa, gain stealth for 3 turns.
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  • Btw it would be cool to be called wampa king and have a crown of ice
  • One thing that probably wouldn’t work with this, The Wampa is specifically a single man team and has the possibility to take down the 501st. Giving that one man team another character would make that team a GL killer, especially with SEE as a lifter
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