Forbarrers, 320 mil+, semi-casual. Why are we called Forbarrers? Literally no one here knows.

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Hey there! Or even hello there, if that's what you prefer. We are called Forbarrers, an independent, relaxed but competitive, U.S. based guild looking to replace a few recently inactive players. Why are we called that? No one here knows; I think someone did at some point. Why don't we change it? Good question, maybe you can name us! Why don't we have an attractive flyer? Because we're still waiting on one guy to finish it. But in the meantime:

We're looking for players with a minimum of at least two GLs and preferably 4 mil + GP (less will be considered) who don't want to be married to SWGOH (or do if that's their thing), but can still participate in guild events. We're F2P friendly and relaxed, but still very focused. All we ask for is consistent TW/TB participation, but we also know there are probably better things you could be doing with your time, so if you're ever too busy just let us know and we'll always accommodate! What we can offer is:

- A laid back, friendly and supportive atmosphere in which we often try and often fail to be funny
- No forced farms or minimum ticket requirement
- A current 70% TW win rate
- 320 mil+ GP
- CPit completion within 24 hours
- A dedicated corps with full TB and TW participation, but
- We don't fault you for missing out once in awhile, because it happens to us all
- A strange fixation on the one swear word CG inexplicably won't censor
- U.S. based raid times, compatible from east to west, and beyond
- 2.3 average GLs per player (and climbing)
- 30* DSTB, 33+ Wat shards, 17* LSTB, 6+ KAM shards (and climbing)
- Ongoing shared goal initiatives (GL farming, KAM readiness, droid brains)
- Intermittent complaining about the guild event icon going missing from the right side of the screen
- Full TW defense OK for those without the time
- Officers dedicated to planning and strategy
- TW and TB reminder spamming on Discord
- Discord

Give us a shout! This is a great place to grow your roster without being hassled or micromanaged. Message me in-game at 818-936-382 or search Forbarrers and apply.
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  • One spot left! Only a matter of time before this post gets buried! Low turnover is our middle name! Forbarrers "Low Turnover"... Forbarrers.
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