Hello there! Join us on the High ground 400+ mil, 24* ROTE, active in all areas.R9 material


  • Another spot has opened up. Looking for at least one but potentially 2/3 before Territory Battle commences.
  • Want to see what it's like on the High ground? Come join us. Can make room for 3-4 players.
  • Looking to take on a small group so if you and a few friends are looking to upgrade, give us a message, we'd love to have you!
  • Looking for 2-3
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  • Looking for 1
  • Looking for 1
  • May I join
  • Messaged you bud
  • Just got kicked from this guild 3 hrs before tb ended. No notice. Kind of a **** move. I am very active. I have 3 GLs and 6.5 gp. That stuff about understanding we have a life outside of the game is incorrect. I have seen the officers of this guild be unkind to guild members. I do not recommend joining this guild.
  • This person and his friend coasted through our guild for a few weeks, completely ignored all messages and tags, did the bare minimum to get rewards the rest of the guild worked their butt's off for. Finally had enough after another TB of them just deploying and ignoring all mission waves (despite being asked multiple times to complete waves to hit those last stars) I would not recommend taking him, or his friend into your guilds unless you're happy with someone feeding off everyone else's hard work.
  • Screenshots from TB and TW from previous months available to any guilds wishing to recruit the above player. Seconding just how poor team players both are. This guild is the best one I have been in over the 5 years of playing this game and the guild leaders and guildmates are the only reason I continue to play. Great guild if you want competitive but fun also.
  • I deployed in every phase, never missed a TW and always exhausted my teams on defense. I never received any private DMs thru in game about activities. This guild was also in a different time zone so I did make it tough. I have discord but can’t keep up with all the messages. A direct message would have been nice if there was an issue. To delete my 3 hrs prior to TB ending when I absolutely contributed to the 30* was wrong. Best of luck going forward. It’s just a game.
  • That is completely incorrect, I messaged both you and your friend ingame multiple times after you refused to join discord and the messages were completely ignored. The only time you spoke to me via message was when you asked to join. After that you ignored all mine and finally a couple of weeks ago you replied to one of my officers trying, your friend still hasn't accepted my request to join. When you finally joined discord alone, you ignored all tags to hit individual missions instead of just deploying. If you want to message me privately I'll share the screen shots confirming everything with you (or anyone else who wants to see) You have deployed but not completed any mission waves at all, its easy for us all to deploy but need those missions give us the boost to hit those extra stars. Without it we wouldn't be achieving as much as we have so to not complete any is very unfair to the rest of the guild. Time zone doesn't make any difference as the phases are long enough for everyone to hit. Time zone doesn't seem to affect your participation in cpit for personal gain though I see.

    I'd also like to address that we havnt been unkind to any guild member at all, we've been established with a great core of players for a very long time and welcome any new players with the same play ethic as us, you can speak to any of our members who will undoubtedly confirm this. It is just a game you're right, but each guild plays a certain way, perhaps you'd be better suited to a more a casual guild. Good luck going forward.
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    For all players interested, I am just a member of High Ground but as a former guild leader this guild is active, tons of rewards and chill. The ex members above are not telling the truth. We , officers and members, have been repeatedly asking for their participation for months. They have been just doing bare minimum. In my old guild they would have been booted a month ago. Dameront70x and the other officers have repeated asked them. This guild is super low pressure. We are all long time players who love the game and are friendly and helpful. There is just fun while we reach higher rewards as a team.
    Excellent guild. Join us and find out how good it is.
  • As a member who's been with the guild 4 years, High Ground is an excellent place to grow your roster without being micromanaged. Everyone here has similar goals and attitude and are knowledgeable to help in any area of the game. Definitely would not have been able to stay this long without the fantastic leadership that Dameron and his Officers do to make the guild as great as it is. Layed back and fun guild to be in while getting stronger than ever
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    I am a member. The above complaints are complete lies. The two players booted, would have been kicked out of any other high end guild way sooner than they did here. After multiple complaints by members about these two, guild leaders tried to contact them in game and the one that even bothered to join discord was contacted in discord as well. After no response they were booted. This guild is the only reason I am still playing.
  • Looking for 1
  • You and a buddy lookin for a new home? Shoot me a message
  • Looking for 1 after TB
  • Looking for 1
  • Still looking
  • Got a slacker to replace, anyone looking for a new home?
  • Last minute move for some free r9 gear?
  • Looking for one after TW
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