Do people actually have proof pulling 4* from Bronzium


  • I have gotten Ima-GunDi - Bobba Fett, Tano, CT5555
  • I open the packs when I have atleast 6k credits or whats its called. Better chance of getting something good. Got Mace Windu 4 star
  • I have been playing for a little over a month and have never gotten any shards; much less a full character. All I have ever gotten is gear. I wish I could score a full 3 or 4* character.
  • No 4* here. I'm not even having my hopes up for one :)

    Best bronze pull so far are Dooku (3*) and Jawa (3*) both converted to 25 shards.
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  • Pulled a Boba few days ago with the free pack
  • I pulled a 4* Ima-Gun Di from a bronzium pack two days ago and was really confused. I looked away from my phone while I did the pull and looked down to see a 4* haha!
  • I've gotten a 4* Barriss, Bobba, and Datcha from the Bronzium pack
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    Just got a 4* Boba from Bronzium roll. So stoked was about to start working towards him too.


  • Proving it to you serves absolutely no purpose. Whether you have proof or not, you're still going to keep opening the bronzium packs, because they are free. Trying to record a 4* pull would be a massive waste of time, as they happen too seldom in relation to each individual player.
  • I got 4* Ima-Gun Di and Mace Windu at about level 20/25 (now level 51) and they saved my life from the Bronziums. It happens, I thought at the time though the game was feeling sorry for me cause I kept losing though...
  • I just pulled Ima-Gun Di this morning. I don't know if he's good or not. But not going to complain about a free 4* that helps my light side.
  • I pulled 4*boba today, 2 3* hoth rebel in past two days and 3*tebo and more from bronzium cards but continually short changed on chromium cards
  • See title
  • I got a 4 star Darth Maul today. Was very happy!
  • I have pulled Poggle 4*, and UHRRrR'R'R (whatever his name is) 4* from bronzium so far. Been playing about two weeks...
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  • Daka, Dooku, leia and Cad Bane that i can remember. All within one week and everyone right around midnight..
  • Martin78 wrote: »
    I've pulled a full Ima Gun Di from bronzium pack.

    Second this, I got a 4* Ima from bronzium.

  • So should i be restarting fresh and doing nothing but opening bronzium packs every day until I have a full roster? Because i rememeber pulling a character or two when just starting but now at almost lvl60 nothing. Literally been at least 20 levels since ive got a character from a bronzium.
  • You all are so lucky, i need EA to take my bronzium character-ginity already and im about to reach level 55
  • I have just pulled 4* poggle today, that's my third time getting a 4* from bronzium.
  • I'm just about to pull 11 straight bronziums from tokens I have saved up. If you don't hear back in the next half hour it means I got crap. Wish me luck!
  • Yeah Daka seems the most popular pick up. I too was surprised I got 4* daka, and a few days later, 4* Asohka
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  • Well there is now 6 days of proof :)
  • Pulled my first 4* from Bronzium after 1 month of playing. Got a BARRISS!!! Omg man...

    Too bad she's nerfed now :(
    May the force be with all in Bronzium pulling hahaha!
  • Daka for me, wasnt hoping for anything and got her :)
  • @Jabberwocky
    I believe you, I also got a 4* Old Daka from bronzium, and here I was thinking about saving to get her lol

    I also pulled a 3* General Veers and 4* Datcha

    Bronzium is pretty good so far
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  • 3* Lumi, 4* Daka, 4* Datcha; no proof!

    Might be it for three and four stars bronzium pulls. Only ones I tracked. Seems like I pulled Lumi early, which surprised me. Then I drew a Datcha who still isn't leveled. Pulled the Daka when I already had 60 shards from Cantina.
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  • Shiro wrote: »
    I got 4* Boba Fett

    Same here. Got 4* boba two days ago
  • Old Daka 4* B)
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