Something I don't get about Lumi....

My Lumi is lvl 70, gear lvl 8, and her ability has 100% chance to inflict 'block ability'.

Yet 9/10 times I use it, it gets resisted..... -_-

Wanted to stop Phasma from inflicting slow on my whole team: resisted...
Wanted to stop QGJ from double-critting my weakest toon before he gets a chance to move: resisted...
Wanted to stop poggle from doing his thing: resisted...
Wanted to stop enemy lumi from healing: resisted...

I guess I don't understand their implementation of "100%".


  • 100% but if they have tenacity it gets lowered.
  • isreal
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    "Up to" 100%
  • Qeltar
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    Potency: 0
    Gets a bit better at higher levels, but then so does everything else.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • And again.... Just used it on dooku to prevent lightning, and he resisted..... Then immediately used lightning.
  • Mstrdrgn1012
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    I would really love to see ACTUAL percentages taking everything into account. Actual values.

    Would help tremendously in strategy building, and would also diminish my shock at these events.

    I've been saying this since day one. Show me the numbers!
  • Nebulous
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    I'm quite confidant it means she has a 100% chance that force blast will attempt to ability block. The opposing characters still have the tenacity vs potency chance to resist the effect.

    That's how I look at it anyway.
  • Qeltar wrote: »
    Potency: 0
    Gets a bit better at higher levels, but then so does everything else.

    Oh wow you're right... Damnit lumi, get a grip!

    But the way I understand it, it has 100% + (0%) chance to land, and then if it lands, enemy has [tenacity%] chance to resist.

    Unless tenacity of over 50 is common, it should still land pretty often... No?
  • Qeltar
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    @Nebulous is correct. And all characters have at least some tenacity, the median appears to be about 30%. So she will get resisted a fair bit of the time.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • Fatzke
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    No, he's right.

    It's a 100% chance to gain it, IF the enemy doesn't resist. That's a difference.
    The enemy has to resist it. So it's not like all the other abilities that have 50% chance to gain something and if you miss... omg it's not that hard, isn't it? xD
  • scuba
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    2 things for buff/debuffs
    Chance that it will process to apply.
    Chance that it will get applied if it processes.

    The number written in the ablility is the chance that that ability will process to apply
    100% Means it will always try to apply it

    The other RNG that gets thrown in is Potency vs Tenacity which is the chance that it gets applied
  • Yeah I get it now.

    Guess my bad RNG streak isn't over yet.... *sigh*.

    Always 3-5 days of god-awful RNG at a time...
  • Twyst3d
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    Phasma is actually a pretty good target for the ability block. She has low resistance to it. Which is great for preventing her from using Victory March. But I do agree I wish it was not resisted as much. Problem is Lumi is such a strong character its hard to make an argument to buff her potency to make this happen more, without accepting nerfs elsewhere.
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