Getting grievous to seven star ridiculous?

I have done the math several times and I can't believe that it would cost a total of 3,975 extra shards to get grievous to seven stars. That's completely ridiculous! I know that he is supposed to be a great character but that is a ridiculous price to pay for one character! In my opinion they should lower the price to 1,500 shards or lower. Tell me what you think.


  • You right
  • I traded in 5 shards from luminara and received 75 shard shop currency. I also did the math and at a rate of 15 shards traded in per day i cam up with like 100 ish days to complete a 7* grievous. Compare that to the fact that im in game now less than a month and have almost 3 characters at 7*. This has no worth until you have all your 7*s you want from arena and galactic war. Imo then it has tremendous worth as you could potentially put 25 shards into to mixer every day.
  • Since i consistently receive 15 shards from galactic war and 10 from arena daily. At this point in time i put small money only into the purple crystal curtency as it gives 100% return for my money. Faster grinds and longer play time
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