INT/Tank challenge - found the dream team (preparing for tier 4)

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So I've been struggling with this for a while now. I've had to stick to farming tier 2 as was finding tier 3 too much of a pain. However...that was until I added Teebo...

Now with the below team, tier 3 is easy. Which is such a relief as I felt I was missing out on loads of mats. The question I have though, with this team, could I manage tier 4? when I get to unlock it at lvl 72 (I'm lvl 71 currently). I obviously don't want to invest in these characters too much (apart from RG) unless I have to.

lvl 56 5* Chewy g6 5/3/3/3
lvl 69 3* RG g8 6/3/5
lvl 52 2* Teebo g6 3/4/3/5
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