Building a PVP/GW Team From Scratch (Testers Welcome)

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Apologies for the long list. So daily I rank #1-3 at lvl 56 with this team:
6* Sid
5* Lumi
5* Kylo
4* Lando
4* Vader
All at gear lvl 7 or higher.

I want to build a better synergy team and along with the above characters, I have these:
4* Rey
4* Obi Wan
4* Phasma
4* Dooku
4* Finn
4* Poe
4* Boba
4* IG88
4* Ashoka
4* Consular
4* Luke
4* Leia
4* Aayala
4* Kit
4* Cad
4* Talia
4* Datcha
4* Barriss
4* HK47
4* Asajj
4* Tarkin
4* Urrorr
3* First Order Officer
3* Greedo
3* Biggs
3* Qui Gon
etc...other characters aren't worth noting.

If there's someone out there who likes to build teams, help me out! Anyway, I'm a person who likes to test things out myself so multiple suggestions are welcome! I'll for sure post the results back on here for anyone that's curious!


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    I'd post screenshots but it takes a while to be approved.
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    Sometimes Barris is worth her weight in that she can heal through stuns. The teams that I have come up against that do not have her, have been easy pickings due to Sid and Kylo Ren's healing block.
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    Try out a full counter/assist team:

    QGJ, Aayla, Dooku, Lumi, and Ahsoka.

    I'm working on it myself and due to not being able to star them I won't be able to do full clears with it but it is just a fun combo to play with.

    I'm also tinkering with a full control squad with lots of turn meter manipulation, stuns and ability blocks.

    Again, not for topping arena but just a fun diversion and testing other synergies I would ignore normally.
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    If you want a more powerful AOE team, replace your Vader for IG88. You may want to star it up a bit first for the extra hp.
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