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    Abyss wrote: »
    I have spent some cash and have no issue w/either of you so dont lump us all in a group with 1 person you have issue with. Also, players who pay keep it free for you so do us a favor and remember that ;)

    To answer the question tho, general grievous is by far my fav :)))[/quote]

    Nope, players who pay do it to get an advantage, they don't pay to help out the free players. This game isnt dependent on you try hard pay to wins. [/quote]

    Actually that not entirely true either lol. The $ i have spent was for my enjoyment an to get toons i wanted cause i like them not to gain an advantage. And im not saying we spend to "help the free players", im saying you playing the gane free is a byproduct of us spending $ on the gane because thats what keeps the game running. Also your comment to the one i made is not relevant to what i said and your 100% wrong on 2 points in your comment "this game isint dependant on you try hard pay to wins".
    1) im not a try hard pay to win just cause i spent a little cash. Again, whatever your issue is, DONT lump us all together in a group. Some paying players are arrogant but we all arent so stop categorizing us all together in a negative way.
    2) this game (same as all games) is absolutly 100% dependent on paying players lol. To think otherwise is just lunacy. If someone does not pay for the game, it could not be offered free to F2P players. Thats basic business, nothing is free. Someone pays for it. If you dont pay for it then thats fine, enjoy it for free but understand that players who spend $ are the reson you get to play free. If you cant u derstand that then i cant help you.

    Im trying to be civil and calmly explain that your comments are directed at an entire group of ppl when most of us have done nothing to you. I wouod say an apology is in order but given your prejudice of fhe very player base that makes it possible for you to enjoy the game free will prevent you from seeing my point anyway.

    Im not being mean or derogatory, nor have i said anything negative. You clearly have an issue with a particular player or particular few players an thats fine but lumping all soenders together in a negative way because the one(s) u have issue with pay is just wrong.

    Best wishes to you[/quote]

    @Abyss You're a ****. This game can go different routes, it's still fairly new. They also make a fair amount off people who buy crystals once in a while and dooku packs, and I don't consider them pay to win like you. They're not dependent on try hard pay to win players that scare off potential crystal buyers/f2p players like yourself. What do you think is better for them, to develop a large base where they can eventually implement ads, or have a few thousnad try hard players? C'mon man use your brain, if the developers/EA was going bankrupt than of course pay to win players will be needed as their life line, but as for now it's pretty much fact that they'd far prefer establishing a large player base.

    My #1 issue are pay to win players like you that think f2p players are dependent on p2p players, and that you guys are doign us a favor. ****.
    Pay to win-The biggest whiners on this board.
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